So here we are……

What is so special about about our country (and some may think, also a weakness) is that we do not put these people up against a wall and shoot them, or send them to a prison camp, or torture them for their beliefs and idiotic rantings. We are America and we have a constitution that allows free speech. The saying goes, "I may not agree with what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it. As long as we stand on the Constitution and keep our Faith in God and our country we will be strong. If we let these who would, divide us, we are doomed to go the way of The ancient Greeks, the Romans, Attila the Hun, and the Third Reich. All were ruined due to poor leadership, in fighting, poor morals and loss of faith. Our country is divided right now. We do not have a strong leader to unite us. We need a leader free of controversy, strong in his, or her, belief in the principles of our country, strong in their religious convictions and willing to make the sacrifices necessary to make us strong again. Our enemies are at the gates waiting for us to slip. They are among us fomenting unrest and dissatisfaction. There is a reason for the civil unrest in our cities, there is a reason for the strong movement to disarm us, there is a reason for racial unrest, there is a reason for the distrust of immigrants and those of other religious beliefs. And let us not forget the millions of immigrants being allowed into our country with no medical, criminal or political vetting. Our own strengths are our own weaknesses. Are we forgetting that the terrorists involved in 9/11 came into the United States through our Southern border. Our Southern neighbor, Mexico, is supplying drugs to our country by the tons and we do nothing about it. This country has a poverty level matched only by the opposite affluent society. This is a ripe environment for a Communist takeover. Our present leadership and its opposition are not interested in us. They are interested in their own well being and retirement. They are interested in bringing as much grief on their opponents as they can. Their campaign does not consist of the issues affecting our nation. It consists of name calling, blame throwing and law suits, not the issues affecting our country and its citizens. I am an AMERICAN! I go to church, have raised a family, own guns (which I shoot as often as I can), although I did not serve in the armed forces, I did spend 27 years in law enforcement, and I have voted in every election National and local, since I came of age. I love my country and I believe in it Let us not give it up easily.


Not sure how supporting Ukraine is supporting China. China is waiting to see how the Russian-Ukrainian conflict / war turns out. If Russia wins, this would essentially give China the green light to do the same to Taiwan.

I have been in the Far East many times and still keep tabs of what people are thinking - outside of the media reports.


But one must ask, is China any more ready for a conflict with The United States than Russia was with Ukraine?


Well, they DO have more than 20,000 fighting aged people (That we know of)
on the ground to disrupt the infrastructure.


That My Brother is True and Very Very Scary Sh!+


Plain and simple folks (in my mind anyway)
There is no specific Enemy here right now in our Hoods.
It doesn’t matter if they are any of the known cast of characters.
And it doesn’t matter WHY? Who asked for them–sent them Religious/Money, NO MAS!
We will all be on this fight.
This is going to take EVERYONE. I just hope unlike Mogadishu the damn Civilians
just stay out of our way. The job will be hard enough without having to HOLD FIRE so
an INNOCENT doesn’t get their fool head blown off. WE held fire, the other side didn’t. That weighs on someone seeing an INNOCENT die because they got in the middle of a Firefight (like going to a store)

I’m NOT telling anyone what to do here.
I’m getting my mind right, right now.
Head in the game
THESE PEOPLE ARE READY, Just waiting for activation,
So will I.
BUT WE better Finish the Job once the fight starts
That’s all I want.
NO negotiations, NO Cease Fire calls by the UN or some other panty wearing fools.
We’ve been INVADED. Some here Balk @ that term.
When it’s trash day do you just empty PART of the house cans?

I would call it a successful LIFE if just friggin’ ONCE, I WAS 'ALLOWED" to complete MY MISSION,


“Some country will come in sweep up the remains and start over.
God help us all.”

Scott’s right. As long as we all have heartbeats, WE’LL BEAT THIS!


Denver PD, the entire DUCKING force and admins, should all quit and move to a more decent state. Imagine what that would do to Leftists everywhere!


YES, and YES.
On the first comment YES, I believe we will prevail (eventually)
But I have said ad nauseum that there may be empty seats at our table and TAPS will be blown for the Fallen Patriots. The Ashli’s, the Bryan’s, the J6er’s are Fallen Warriors already.
When we have this no holds bar flat out Firefight there wil be no stopping once it starts. No Half time, No timeouts, so rest up folks, Battle is exhausting I’m here to tell you.

On the second comment YES also. Good folks ‘Should’ leave and send a message…but they have Family Sir, Roots are dug in, Kids to care for. and where are the (49) other states Police all go Florida? :rofl:
Many Cops have died this week alone. Many now put in harms way but back stabbing Politicians who wanted to DEFUND them now NEED them w/ the these Campus Cocka-doodle-doo Entitled wannabees. We won’t make it to the Elections. A Flash Fire is going to happen. Pray for these Wonderful Officers and their families. It sucks being unappreciated and risking your life everyday.
I think he just Pooped!


I believe that 20,000 number is since January. There have been 42,000 Chinese mostly males fighting age cross the border into the United States since the administration took over. This information comes from a report I saw yesterday Fox News


I think as I’ve read through this thread I’ve given a thumbs up to almost each and everyone one of your comments because they are ALL valid positions
Like all of you, I am a Defender, that’s what brings us together on this page and while I do believe in supporting the causes around the world we do need more financial checks and balances as to where and how this money is being spent.
Like All of you, I also believe our concerns over our open borders should be addressed at the same time if not first.
Everybody in the world either wants or needs golden eggs from the United States. The problem with the way we are going about it is we are slowly killing the goose


China is already in a conflict with the US, and winning. Using the principles from “The Art of War,” they know they can’t win on a direct frontal assault with overwhelming force, so they’re flanking us and changing the rules of engagement.

They’re dividing us from the inside with TikToc algorithms that feed our youth mindless idiocy to turn them into passive drones. They’re flooding our economy with cheap, slave-made goods to undermine our ability to manufacture. They’re buying up our farmland. They’re using our freedom to move here (legally or illegally) and spy on us, and then dismantle our infrastructure. They’re separating off smaller countries that could have been allies with huge cash infusions and infrastructure projects. They own our “president,” bought and paid for through his Penn Center for International relations, or whatever his academic money laundering front was called. They’re using the internet we built, and our social media platforms to influence our elections. They’re taking control of all the materials to make the “green” future while our “president” makes decrees that play right into their plan. They’re stealing our IP right out from under our noses. They’re amassing huge amounts of data on all Americans, so they’ll know who they can hook next. I could keep going.

So yes, we are already at war with China, and we’re losing because we don’t even know it.


AND, Like I said on another thread, They’re Doing It Right Out In The Open! Not hiding it, not being sneaky about it, they simply walk up and kick us in the nuts, with a Big Xi Smile on their faces.


Some would argue a rapid demise of the goose.


A task made even easier when the “leader” of the free world is bought, paid for and a bonehead, through and through.


Sadly, we pay to protect their border, and have to pay for the 12+ Million Biden, his handlers, let Ilkegally Invade our American borders now.


Why have we allowed our Congress, which should be helping us here in America, drive us into more debt than we can soon even pay the interest on? They’re standing on our flag and holding up, helping other nations, before ours.


Because my friend they are NOT “Our Congress” anymore
Haven’t been for at least the last (4) years.
Our Congress/Senate and West wing are bought and paid for by…take your best guess?
Everybody who wants literally a piece of the American Pie.
Soros, Gates, China, Oligarch’s, NWO’s ,
Pudding Pants put up the FOR SALE SIGN and they are carving us up.
With all the Armed Alphabet Agencies why aren’t they stopping all this Crime and UNREST? Hmmmmm?
Take a wild guess…
SCARE the Citizenry to DEATH! Make the Sheeple turn to them for help!
This .gov is bought with Dictator’s and Communist Monies that want to break us up and
rebuild us anew like the 1940’s. They bit off more they could chew w. Hitler/Mussolini and Tojo.
No more wasting precious 'SHOCK TROOPS" ‘SS’ to start the pain.
They use Illegal’s and College Kids, (with a fine dusting of Terrorist Leadership to keep the Riots and disruptions moving in the right direction)
They’ve Learned
They’ve Matured
and now they are here.
Wait, Just wait till they start burning the CHURCHES!
Who’s going to stop them if we are disarmed?



It’s all about votes. I suspect, if they’d stand up for us, for our veterans, for our law enforcement officers, care about our bank accounts, protect our God given rights… They’d be surprised at how many votes they’d get, from both sides of the aisle. Instead they divide us into groups and sub groups. Cater to this group, that cause, those races and get just enough votes to return to the posh, protected, glad handing life style we call Congress.


I don’t necessarily disagree with you at all sir. Here is the problem with pudding pants being in charge. If you gave biden a bunch of money for the Border, he would spend it all on superior housing, food, and health care for all the illegal aliens he has let flood in. He would not build one foot of border wall or anything to slow down the flood.

The Border is the result of marxist, leftist traitors who are conducting an illegal alien voter registration scheme. Biden tore-up President Trump’s executive orders and wrote a few of his own. It was a once in a lifetime chance to permanently change the voter demographics in our Republic. Money is not the issue in this instance, policy is.

At least the Ukrainian military are fighting for something real and immediate. Russian conduct in the war has been criminal and brutal beyond belief. If you research the atrocities putin’s thugs have committed, you will quickly find that maybe our money is not being totally wasted. Russia taking Ukraine in no way benifits America or the West. There is more at stake here than most people realize.

The way the demoncraps acted in the House really upset me, by the way. The left never ceases to enrage me. These marxist, leninist bolshiveks are the real enemy of our great Republic.

It truly pained me to support anything that the left wanted, even Ukraine which I totally support. As a die-hard conservative, I have been really torn. The bill did add more oversight and accountability to how out taxes were being spent over there, which I was glad to see. The EU are watching out for the corruption in Ukraine as well. Many eyes are on them for their future accession into the EU.

All this said, I totally understand where you guys are coming from on this topic. I will try to keep an open mind to your points on the matter. Thank you all.