Smaller get home bag?

Where everything was once being supersized, it feels like people are taking the opposite approach these days. Smaller cars, smaller guns, smaller houses and smaller get-home bags. Here’s Kevin’s latest:

What’s your take away from downsizing your get-home bag?

Taser & extra cartridge always carried in my EDC in case I have to run into a GFZ.

Also, extra mags, first aid, quarters in an old prescription bottle, travel size toiletries, and a change of clothes. All carried in my Vanquest V-Slinger which also has a CCW compartment.
Javelin 3.0 V-Slinger

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The more skills you know, ie fire starting and shelter building, can reduce the size of what you carry.


Please feel free to post pictures in your posts too. :wink: It looks like this is the bag you were referring to. :smiley:


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I keep an old pair of eye glasses in my 1 day bag. If my glasses break I am up a creek.


Oh, that’s a great idea too, @BJP!

I included a direct link. Another reason I like the Vanquest bags because of the high viz orange inside.

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