Situational Awareness - Assault by Mob

What went wrong here? In my opinion, the man who was assaulted should not have engaged at all, and should have tried to make a hasty escape (RUN) into the hotel. I don’t know why they didn’t run.

What is interesting as well is the people walking out of the hotel, at the top of the screen. What would you have done if you saw a mob running your direction? They just kind of shift to let them go by (Not sure what you can do at that point). Then they don’t call 911 or appear to do anything but watch? I couldn’t tell. Perhaps they were worried about becoming the next victim, or maybe they couldn’t tell what was going on. I think either way, these folks needed to move to a safe place, and call 911, because it should have been obvious that something bad was happening. Don’t stop and stare.

Let’s just say this wasn’t DC and his friend was armed. Would his friend have been justified in using deadly force against the mob to protect the life of the victim? Lets say they were brothers. Are there past examples of using deadly force in a mob situation? How did it go for the defender?

I think that the friend could have scared these people away by presenting his firearm. May not have needed to escalate to a shooting.

Thankfully the gentleman’s injuries were not life-threatening:


I am not sure if it was random, however I believe that it looks random. They were simply a target. His mistake, from what I can see, is they stopped. Never stop. Does not look to me that they were aware of all the others either.

I believe, that the use of feet is considered deadly force. I could be wrong on that though. A group of feet, probably so.


In CA kicking someone while down, especially in the head, can be prosecuted for Assault With a Deadly Weapon if attacker has “shod feet.”

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It looks to me like the guy in the white was singled out initially for a challenge/attack and the guy in red attempted to cut it off.

With the disparity of force of numbers in virtually every jurisdiction I know of the man who took the beat down and they guy in white would both have had a lawful use of deadly force from what I can see but we don’t have the audio so it’s hard to be sure.

Assuming both were lawfully present, acting in a lawful manner if I’m the guy in white and am armed I would have engaged.


It would be a felony battery pretty much every where I know of because the victim was defenseless and being relentlessly attacked to inflict maximum damage.

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My impression as well, they were both distracted by the initiator and attacked them from behind from about a 110 degree angle.

Head on a swivel always looking for additional threats, “target lock” can get you killed in a hurry.

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In PA, I think you have to look at what happened first. We cannot see if this incident was started by the victim or not. If it was, I believe PA laws state you cannot claim self defense in an incident that you provoked.

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I believe PA law is similar to TX.

Even if you started an incident you can reclaim your SD rights by trying to quit, escape, communicate a desire to quit etc and the other party does’t then stop their own attack.

Give it a read and double check.

In this case the old man was clearly defenseless and was being brutalized far beyond anything the law would allow.

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more news on this situation:

and also:

Pardon me but I hope they track the bastards down and run them into the ground, lock them up and throw away the key.

We’re raising savages instead of kids across a whole lot of this country.

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I was just making the point that is seen to often by the news. A very short clip and it starts all kinds of speculations on what occured. I think my statement is justified by the quote in the second article by the police that they only have one side of the story.

Yes the assult was brutal and difficult to watch, I understand that you can try and reclaim your SD status, but I know DA who will prosecute if you do anything wrong. This concept was also presented at one of the legal seminars at the Expo in Pittsburgh by all three attorneys presenting. They were Joshua Prince, Derek DeBrosse and Tom Grieve.

I agree that the attack was brutal and all the participants need identified.

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Hey it’s just what I do. Many people actually are completely unaware of those aspects of SD law.

Knowing what I do about cops I think they are just covering their bases with that statement and I would expect the gang of thugs if caught ending up behind bars and the two attacked will show to have been completely innocent based on what I could see.

It appears to me that they simply made the mistake of trying to pass through that group on the way to the motel and that group was out looking to start something.

I could be proven wrong in the end but understanding the dynamics pretty well I’m fairly comfortable with that prediction.

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Nice touch at the end when the girl spits on the downed victim. Says it all about the level of hate out there.


No Situational Awareness at all, I would have never walk into a group like that. I would have turn around and walk into a store.

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You really should consider an edit. You don’t want statements like that in your internet history because if you are ever involved in a shooting it can and will likely be used against you as premeditation and to show that you are a “reckless kook with a gun looking for an excuse to shoot someone”.

Not that I’m agreeing with that sentiment but just trying to help you cover yourself.

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So you would just watch, and let the man go to the Hospital, are end up six feet under. Just burn your CCW permit and sale your firearms. I think it is sad, if a Responsibly Armed American would just stand their and let it happy. I hope it don’t happen to you and if it dose, you better hope I’m standing their, because I would help you. Not because I’m firearm happy, but because it’s the right thing to do.

I’m not sure who you are responding to here but if it’s me, you’re confusing me with someone else. I never stated I would not intervene here.

You are the one, that said, I should consider an edit. And I did.

I was just pointing out that the wording you used could be used against you in the future if ever you are involved in a defensive shooting.

I edit the post, but I live in Indiana and what I edit out was the Indiana Law on a Justified shooting to protect the third person. And I understand what you were saying. I don’t want to step on any toes. Sorry If I did!