Situational Awareness - Ankle Bracelet

Standing in line at the store today I noticed this:

I immediately thought “Condition Red” , but then it occurred to me, the police know where this guy is, he’s probably not going to do anything crazy. He really didn’t ‘feel’ uncomfortable, but apparently he did something that caused someone to want to know where he was.

Would an Ankle Bracelet move your Situational Awareness to Red?

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NO, noticing an ankle Bracelet is condition yellow with orange tint but not red. Especially if he is standing there with his legs crossed. Hardly threatening. Check the signs.


Body posture and face give me more information than ankle bracelet. Perhaps condition orange… but hard to tell based on shoe and sock.


I would think a person being actively tracked by law enforcement would be less likely to consider committing a crime in that moment. I would still note him as someone not to trust if things suddenly went sideways.

But if he lived next door or we were on a plane that just crashed on a deserted island then I would be keeping a close eye on him in case he decides to return to whatever behavior lead to the tracking.


DUI offender 1+ possibly?

Is it an alcohol monitor?

How can you tell exactly what it is?

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I guess the unknown is part of it.

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Haaha, an ankle monitor. I thought he had his shoes on the wrong feet.

Even with an ankle monitor, they are allowed to go some places but have to return within a time frame

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I would be in a mustard colored yellow. The criminals these days are released into society with often serious charges or convictions.

The two guys caught with 150,000 Fentanal pills were released on their own recognizance after just a few days in jail.



Solid yellow for me. Like others have said, he’s wearing an ankle bracelet. The authorities know who he is, and where he is. Being from a small midwestern town, more than likely EVERYBODY knows who he is.


Ears perked, eyes open, maintain distance, keep close eye on hands. Watch parking lot! Not Red normal orange! Ankle monitor doesn’t necessarily say felon, probably tossed out his horticultural trash with the recycle save the world trash!
Are you sure it wasn’t his IFAK?

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It definitely would not put me into a condition “Red”. I have personally known people who lived in neighborhoods with strict rules, such as “no loitering in the parking lot after 9:00 pm”. If it was a repeated issue, you could end up with an ankle monitor that has a curfew programmed into it. You have to be within a certain number of feet of the base at the set curfew time.

The person was never a violent offender and had never even been arrested before that incident, but had to wear an ankle monitor for 2 weeks.



Red is “blood is about to be spilled” or “something is about to happen”. Some seemingly old guy standing casually in line with a shopping cart would maybe put me on heightened-yellow, similar to generally being at a gas station in good times.

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From that picture. Yeah it would, especially near my home. The body type, clothing and posture “scream” pedophile to me. So I would be checking sex offender registry soonest.

May offend some but that’s my initial reaction.

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If it is a court ordered electronic monitor, he’s got too much to lose.

I didn’t realize though, Hinckley shot a sitting President, two others, one who perished, though he was released. Very controversial, but I hope he teaches others not to go down such dark paths.

Please forgive the misspelling of the President’s name in the link.