Situational Awareness: 2 Incidents in 24 Hours

Yesterday morning, I was pushing our daughter around the neighborhood in her Radio Flyer 4 in 1 stroller-trike thing. It’s typically a quiet neighborhood. We rarely see law enforcement except for the Highway Patrolman who lives across the street. In the 2 years we’ve lived here, we’ve had ambulances within a couple of blocks twice before. Lot of retirees live in our neighborhood. Anyway…

I heard them coming, but the fire truck and ambulance ended up at a house across the street and 2 houses down from ours. They put on respirators and went inside. Quickly, they came out with my 30-something white male neighbor (newest homeowner on the block) unresponsive on a gurney, put him in the ambulance, and drove away as a second ambulance arrived. That one pulled his unresponsive wife out and drove away. That’s the 2nd time I’ve seen him outdoors in the 8 months they have lived there, and the 1st time I’ve ever seen her. There’s a LOT of bad Chinese fentanyl laced street drugs from Mexico circulating here. Stuff is killing a LOT of millennials. Paramedics went through DECON procedures and left without saying a word to anyone but the young man’s father, who lives with them.

This morning, my wife took the daughter to daycare at 0800. She was gone awhile. Now…you’d have to know my wife to understand my LACK of alarm, but I’ll spare you the impressive bad ass bio. Anyway, she and another mom with little kids in tow were accosted outside the daycare center by a “homeless” man. She kept an eye on him, kept the little ones calm, and ushered everyone inside behind a self-locking door. She called the non-emergency sheriff’s dept # to report the issue, and they didn’t seem to care. The man left. She went to the corner gas station to gas up our SUV. There he was, tearing up the gas station, yelling, throwing stuff, acting a fool again. So she got her phone in one hand, pistol in the other (still concealed), and called 911 from concealment. This time, she ID’d herself as a retired federal LEO and told the 911 operator what was going on. The deputies were there very quickly.

There are some good points about how to handle “the gray area” as a concealed carrier in this report, but the main reason I posted this is that this is 2 manifest threats to our toddler in our immediate neighborhood in just under 24 hours. That is WAY outside of base line. We live in a very safe neighborhood, by FL standards. 1 more such incident this week, and we will be raising our readiness condition a notch. So my wife is on the way out the door, headed to one of the few gun free zones she can’t carry in. She says, “I’m leaving my pistol in my purse in the SUV when I go inside. I will NOT be leaving it at home anymore.” I concurred and told her I’d see her later. Yes, we have a safe in the truck, blacked out glass, an alarm system, and a GPS tracker on the truck.


Glad to hear she and the little one are safe, @Ken38. I’d suggest installing a small lock box in your vehicle just in case your wife has to leave her gun in the car again. One more level of security for her firearm and her comfort.

Where was the self-locking door? I’d love to give everyone some idea of what to look for in a doorway to help them know it’s self-locking.


I guess you missed the part about the SAFE in the SUV. Dealer installed. Ford.

All daycare centers have controlled access self-locking exterior doors in Florida. But they are also all Gun Free Zones in Florida. So it is what it is. Pick your poison. :wink:

Any door with a cypher pad is self-locking. Most secondary building exits (ie fire exits) are self-locking. The problem is that unless you have the combination or key card, you won’t be able to get in easily, either. So this is of limited value as an evasion tactic.


Glad everyone is safe. Situational awareness for the WIN!