Sig Wins Summary Judgement in P320 case

Sig won summary judgment this week in Federal District Court in a case involving the “uncommanded discharge” issue. I have provided the link below.

Wolters Kluwer.


lol, this article about the non-drop-safe P320 pistols has a picture of a Glock in it.

" An injured officer failed to establish that his injuries were caused by a defect in his pistol’s design.

In a suit brought against a firearms manufacturer by a deportation officer who sustained an injury when his weapon unintentionally discharged, a federal district court in Pennsylvania granted the manufacturer’s summary judgment motion. The court found that the officer’s expert opinions were inadmissible as they were speculative and not based upon reliable facts or methodologies. Without the excluded causation evidence, the officer could not raise a genuine dispute regarding the manufacturer’s liability (Slatowski v. Sig Sauer, Inc., March 12, 2024, Surrick, B.)."


Happy Anniversary @Nathan57

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Good for Sig Sauer and all of us


Maybe this will put the entire thing behind Sig and their supporters like me.

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