Sig Website Ammo: Any Luck?

While Sig’s website is “out of stock” on virtually all ammo, does Sig have an MO for when they update their website (day of the week, time of day, etc)?

I bought from the Sig website not too long ago. It may just be hit or miss.

Give their customer service a call and they’ll help you out

 In my humble experience, I  have found that Sig will update their ammo status between 1am to 3am EST on any given night.   When I've checked back later that same morning at 8am, that same ammo is no longer available. 

 Has anyone noticed a pattern as to when they update their site?



Why Sig itself? I just now did an search and found this available (hopefully it will paste)
OK, the paste didnt work. Link works though. Showing several stores with 9mm, .45acp, and .357 in stock.
Handgun Ammo | Cheap Handgun Ammunition - 2021 Sauer

Any ammo you buy in the near future comes with the risk of fainting. From the price tag.

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