Sig P320, Turn About Is Fair Play

Well, it appears that Sig has filed a lawsuit against Jeffrey Bagnell and his law firm. The suit alleges that information and the animation on Bagnell’s website regarding the P320 is inaccurate and defamatory. The TTAG website has an article summarizing the suit. SIG SAUER Sues Attorney Jeffrey Bagnell for Allegedly False and Defamatory Statements About the Safety of the P320 Pistol - The Truth About Guns

This one should be interesting.


Although it’s still mentioned on Bagnell’s website, “Thanks to High Impact in Colorado for developing an animation based on CT scan images and electronic photography”, I can’t find the actual video there that Sig says is willfully false and defamatory.

I heard a story of a U.S. soldier having his semi go off before he could draw and aim toward’s its target. It was debated/controversial. Any one remember that make/model manufacturer?

I’m confident of the quality of “today’s” larger makes/models, and safety recalls. But, I’m careful when buying.

Think, if you ever had a “dropping” accident:

Saw this vid (dated at least “four years ago”), which today I’m still interested in. Not the best scientific scrutiny, but I liked the vid and appreciate it still today. If you’ve not yet seen it, please enjoy.

It was there at one time. I actually looked at it some months ago. Maybe he took it down as a result of the suit.