Shreveport, Louisiana Made FBI List of Most Dangerous Cities

My home city made the cut for number 8 on the list. I knew we were up there but not that high!

I pray all of you have a blessed and safe Christmas, friends!

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Ouch! Stay safe! I know the speed limit on I-20 is simply a suggestion in S’port! Never get off the interstate there.



:joy: You are right, but think about the two-lane overpass you drive on for 2 miles going over the down town S-port, over the Red River, and going into Bossier or coming your way a little past old Minden…there is no safe place police could radar That’s why accidents happen all the time in that spot.

Now I-20 coming from Waskom, Texas is stacked with Louisiana Troopers. I seen a pic where 20 cars where stacked on Monkem drive exit ready to go.