Should we arm selected teachers or allow teachers to carry who have gone through specific training?

Makes sense. My point is there is a line somewhere. I would have used an example like a tank but there are at least a few here who think everyone should own one of those:) Though some apparently can if they have enough money. Then there are the anti self defense people on the other side of the scale who will point to that guy and his son who terrorized an area with a bolt action rifle as an example of why all firearms should be banned.


A tank is fairly discrete/discerning, relative to NBC, and since The People would probably have LAW and Javelin and the like legally available anyway, I’d put a tank way way below the level of NBC. hehe

If you mean the DC Sniper (or similar), that terrorized an area, but, and not to sound callous, it doesn’t present a credible threat to society at large. I’ll bet that if we looked it up, drunk drivers in the region killed more people during that time than they did. Just a guess, and putting things in perspective on what it is that “terrorizes” or scares people vs the actual statistical/real danger

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Regardless of numbers and percentages it will always remain the truth that mass school shootings have only ever occurred in schools that didn’t allow their employees to be responsible for their own safety and schools that have allowed teachers the God given right to rely on themselves for their own safety have never suffered a single mass shooting or any kind of injury related to guns. That says it all. Let’s just follow the lead laid out for us by our fearless forefathers in the beautiful constitution of the great United States and allow all citizens the ability to rely on themselves for their own protection. It works!


Does that not qualify?

No, it doesn’t. They condensed all of the authority to one guy or company. If all of those teachers were known to be armed whoever needed to be shot at, would never have attempted whatever it was he attempted.


As much as it pains me to say. In any situation there will always be a probability of unintended folks getting injured. Former military doesn’t always mean that person is tier one. :us: The one to blame is the one who comes in to harm the defenseless. Train and Train to precision, especially if you are the one to stand between students and a Killer. I don’t say shooter because that’s not what they are. :us:


There will always be a possibility of innocent bystanders/children being injured or killed by the defenders. We need to acknowledge (it has already happened, and could/will again) and accept that.

That’s okay as there is no 100% safe choice in life, ever, for anything. So, acknowledge it, mitigate it, and move on with the best possible overall solution


Very true

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That’s weird because as of this moment the truth is that schools that allow their employees to arm themselves have been 100% effective. Zero injuries or incidents as a result of it. One negligent discharge after school hours in all of the stats kept. We all keep repeating the same things over and over. We can’t be bullied into fearing the second amendment with possibilities of occurrences. Especially when there have been large samples of both systems and one has never failed. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s at schools that don’t allow their employees to protect themselves. So following this logic begs you to take your kids out of schools that don’t allow their teachers to carry. They are targeted. The numbers would support that.

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