Should this be restricted?

Should this be a member only forum? There are getting to be allot of non believers acting as though they are . At least a place for us.


Yes… We have brought this up before and were shot down. $$$


100% agree, it should be members only.

The only thing I don’t like about it, aside from the meme flagger, who is probably not a member, is that it’s open to the public. It almost made me not join, as I tend to be a very private person.


@Craig9 Are non-members able to use the training online courses, buy stuff from the USCCA Store, and anything else available thru the USCCA? I’m confused, because I thought membership was required. Feels like I missed something somewhere.


I agree, there are a growing number of posters on this forum , that are just posers. They talk a good game on general and basic stuff, but their agenda comes out eventually. If you are not a member, this forum should be closed.


Yes should be members only we pay so should they


If one’s inclined to join 2A and pro-responsible Gun ownership discussions, there are tons of gun forums one can join for free. Gratis.
I could even recommend a couple I visit on a regular basis.

We joined the USCCA for a reason.
We also put our money where our mouth is.
This forum should be exclusively for active members of the USCCA.


I thought this was a members only forum. Guess I was wrong. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I can see if it’s an open public forum to encourage interest in joining USCCA membership, testing the waters, if you will, BUT, what about anti 2A people SNOOPING to see what is discussed across the country to gain information to find more other ways to strengthen their plans on gun control, and banning agendas. :thinking:


I’d probably prefer if it was members only though there are some people who have been here a long time who can’t be members because where they live doesn’t allow firearm insurance products and others who are no longer “members” because they decided to switch to other insurance products.

Along with not wanting to cut those people out another argument for keeping the forum open is that it allows outsiders to see the types of people we are and the discussions we have and maybe decide to become members because of that. The more people we can pull under the pro self defense tent the better.

Maybe have a separate members only section but also have a way for people to be members at a reduced rate that gives them access to the training material and forum without the insurance coverage if the can’t get it or don’t want it?


That’s why the, $$$. :slightly_smiling_face:


Given the complete ignorance of firearm and self defense issues shown by the anti self defense groups I suspect they don’t spend all that much time snooping on gun forums. There are plenty of open ones around if they want to gather intelligence. Though they seem incapable of intelligent thought (at least when it comes to keeping people safe from violence) so I don’t think they would recognize it if they saw it;) Plus those groups have more than enough billionaire funding to buy a membership or several hundred if they wanted to spy on us in a closed forum.


I suppose so, I guess even our freedoms is out for sale $$$$$$$ :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:


Yes. they are. Just ask the Big Guy. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


:thinking:You mean that Big Guy that’s aways taking those expensive sight-seeing “TRIPS”? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


There are like minded folks, some of which are regulars who provide good content, that literally cannot be members due to the state they reside in.

Besides, the number of regulars on this forum is small. The total number of posters, amongst active sites, is quite low.

You don’t want to go reducing the number when you aren’t overflowing or you risk dropping below critical mass (yeah I made that up) to where the whole thing just, atrophies away. I’ve seen it on enough forums I used to post at in the past.

What some of those forums do is create a specific members only area, but even then, you risk losing SEO I think and also the same general problem because people interested in membership, say, stop by and it looks dead as a doorknob and they are just like…eh looks dead I’m moving on

These are just my personal thoughts and observations typed out faster than I could get my brain to think them.


I think it is third or so attempt to bring this to our attention (since 2018) … I can guess - this won’t change anything.

USCCA Online Community, USCCA Reciprocity App (Maps and Gun Laws), USCCA Firearms Training were, are and will be available for everyone, not to the members only. And actually this is the right thing.

We do not need believers only… good discussions, different opinions, thoughts and points of view make this Community interesting.

If someone doesn’t like what we like - does it mean he / she is not worthy to participate in this Forum? It would be very wrong.

Just look at the top of the page:

Screenshot from 2023-11-21 18-07-29

Whoever feels to be a Responsibly Armed American should be welcomed here regardless of whether he pays or not for USCCA membership.


And others, like myself, that decided to switch because during the 2020 election cycle and after the election, those that believed in our rights were being censored and banned for responding to those that were personally attacking us. The Leftists were not censored nor banned, but many others that believe in our Constitution and our inalienable rights, were.

We were told the forum was open to everyone, regardless of their beliefs - except for those of us that got censored and banned. One member that was banned wanted back, and was granted that privilege this past year.

I terminated my membership because, in 2021, those that believed in the RKBA were being attacked on all fronts, and the USCCA’s position at that time was to do nothing and just let the SHTF without doing anything to help us. In the meantime the Leftist states were proposing and passing the most egreious laws they could imagine.

If an organization that supposedly believes in the RKBA will not do anything to help its members, I decided I was not going to fund that organizaton. However, the discourse on this forum is generally good, and I want to assist others in their pursuit of knowledge. I also found a number of people here that I wanted to maination contact with in these threads that have good knowledge and insight into many topics, not only in our RKBA, firearm laws, CC, tactics, training, etc., but also because they are just good people; @Shamrock, @Karacal, @Nathan57, @Virgil_H, @Don102, and many others. That is not to say I always agree, but I respect their opinions. That is why I am still here - the people - the regular users that make it better. I try to be one of those.


I’m not a member. I have a different product for a very specific reason that was valid at the time (I think that has changed, but I haven’t verified). I still like the company I’m with, but have a very high regard for the USCCA. I do subscribe to the magazine and have had a subscription since the very beginning of the USCCA with the exception of a couple of years.

If y’all want me to go away, just say the word. I can take it. :joy:

I, like others have mentioned, enjoy the dialogue with folks on this forum even when I disagree with them. Are there some folks that put me off at times? Sure. And I’m sure I do the same to them. And it’s probably my problem not there’s. Almost everyone that I have disagreed with have taught me some things. For the most part folks here disagree agreeably. This forum is a place where I have learned quite a bit. Some of what I’ve learned is related to firearms and self-defense. Some has been related to a whole host of other topics.

Can I stay if I promise to be a good non-member? :rofl::joy:


:yum: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I don’t believe in promises…