Should there be federal bounty on illegal immigrants?

Should there be federal bounty on illegal immigrants?

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Seems like they should secure the border first. Otherwise a bounty would be like trying to stop a river with a bucket.


Jumping the border in Singapore is punishable by six months in prison — and not less than three strokes with a cane.

In Russia, it can earn you up to two years in a prison labor camp.

Pakistan goes as high as 10 years in prison, while India allows for up to eight years behind bars for those who sneak across its boundaries.

  • If there was a bounty, the day of the bounty hunter would truly come back. Can you also imagine a mule transporting a bunch of illegals Across the border and then turning them in for the bounty money, hmmm, could be more profitable than cashing in returnable bottles.
    PS: pretty soon we will go over there cause they will all be here.

The only bounties I am familiar with require a tail or a foot.

What would you suggest we bring in for illegal aliens?

Do they pay cash or do we get a 1099 at the end of the year?

Details man! Details!




The bounty hunter makes the rules, Josh.

No. Just no.



Yes, Yes…Think of it as cash gig.

Maybe we should declare war on Mexico. Then everyone who crosses the border is a spy or an enemy soldier and subject to the harshest punishment.

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Good idea :clown_face:. Pick up a rifle and lead the charge Mike. I’m sure that you’ll have maybe five or six followers until you reach the border.

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What about this concept ?

Bounty or no bounty I’ve got Mike’s, Joes, Brads, Bobs, Susan’s, Karen’s, Jennifer’s backs and I’ll meet everyone at the border. Someone just needs to say when! You meant five or six thousand?

Ask any 80 year old grandmother in Ukraine how she feels about invasions. They seem to love their country more than we do. Illegal immigration on this scale constitutes an invasion. I don’t need to be paid!

It’s all too late anyway! The chess pieces are already in place! The vote is stolen and there’s nothing we can do about it.


Very good.

We aren’t suposed to split up everything in the world. We have to earn things. And we have to protect them.

Better to eliminate the source of the issue imo, at this point in time, and I think the nation is waking up to that realization.

It’s time they stopped hitting the snooze button!
You snooze you lose and we are extremely close to losing!

I agree with that for sure.

Since it was an interesting topic since March 10. The left doesn’t like the truth. :roll_eyes: