Should speeding ticket cause loss of gun rights?

A curious discussion came up in another thread

Should a speeding ticket cause a loss of the Right to keep and bear arms?


No and thats my opinion! :us:


I read this and thought it was a joke.
NEW LEFTIST Disarmament ploy:

That’s the Michael Bloomberg school of reasoning.

“You didn’t put your Recycle can out Last Thursday-----Gimme!”

Gun Buyback program , Turn in your $2500 AR and we’ll give you a $50 Target Gift card!

Folks, If you are paying attention at all
Buy Ammo (lots!)
Keep 'em clean
Train up.

THEY are coming for you and your Black scary weapons.

Just look to the Insane State of Maine for the perfect example:
Citizens and Soldiers who knew the Shooter ‘KNEW HE WAS UNBALANCED’
Cops and .gov DID NOTHING (on purpose?)
He Did a MASSACRE and NOW the says “BAN ALL GUNS!”

What I say to the Gubment is ‘YOU FIRST!’


It’s an idea with, seemingly, support in the origin thread. Seems ridiculous to me but apparently other gun owners support it


No . Depending on the facts.


I guess so Brother, Like the Gun show seller wanting MORE REGULATIONS and RESTRICTIONS
so he can ‘FEEL’ better about who he sells his guns to… Takes all kinds only I’m not buying.


First of all nobody said you should lose all your guns for a speeding ticket.
MAYBE, because some people think that guns should be restricted in special locations that those that can’t control themselves behind the wheel of a car should be the ones with these restrictions. How can a person feel safe around someone with a gun that can’t control their behavior elsewhere.
I’ll ask again, what other laws are we allowed to break? How about drunk driving?

Speeding is not a felony, and shouldn’t be judgement in gun ownership.

You can be a law abiding American and still get a speeding ticket. It’s just that some people can’t control their behavior behind the wheel of a car, can they control themselves elsewhere?

Speed limits are laws that should be followed anyway.
I live not too far from the area in NW Indiana where I80 and I94 merge. Six lanes of practically bumper to bumper traffic doing 70 mph (speed limit is 55). All day every day. That is until the almost daily accident that stops traffic for hours. I avoid this section of interstate at all costs. For people that are that self absorbed that they can’t follow speed limits, maybe they can’t control themselves with a firearm. Just sayin’.
Again I’ll say that a law abiding American shouldn’t be restricted as to where they can carry a concealed firearm.

Oh, and I’m not the one that brought up losing your guns for speeding in the other post, someone just read that into my original post on the subject, and had to make an issue out of it just for the sake of arguing.

Let me repeat— Speed limits are laws that need to be respected.

Speeding is NOT a felony and should NOT be used in judgement of owning a firearm.

Law abiding Americans shouldn’t be restricted as to where they can carry a concealed firearm.

Sorry if my posts are confusing. If I hurt anyone’s feelings, feel free to set me to ignore.

  Stay safe people,---------------Geno

Alright, then we are on the same page for the bottom line issue/topic

FWIW, people going 70 on that road aren’t really the problem or the danger…the ones going 80-90 cutting people off and weaving around lane to lane without signalling and with very small margins are thee danger/problem. 70 is almost slow on that road.

IMO what should be done there is a speed limit of 70 or 75 that is actually strictly enforced. Hundreds of dollars per ticket, heavy enforcement, get the word out, it’ll co$t you. Equal enforcement for changing lanes without signalling. And no triple tandem trailers. But that’s just me.


I was told, if a person can’t act responsibly with a 2 ton deadly weapon! What makes you think that, the same person would treat any other deadly weapon, differently!! Just saying, that’s their reasoning!!! Not mine!!!


That would be crazy if you lose your rights over a speeding ticket that would be like losing your citizenship over a first amendment speech.


Driving is a privilege, not a right.

As for speed limits,…

It’s not the speed that’s the problem, it’s the idiots behind the wheel who don’t understand that they’re piloting a one ton missile.

Momentum is a bitch, and I’m gonna guess most people don’t have any clue about physics.


Of course, however, the last time I got a speeding ticket, I had not seen the sign. I was basically alone on the road, too, no cars nearby. I was on a highway and got a camera ticket for 65 in a 55. My GPS, my car (it has a sign reader for speed and stop signs that shows on the HID display), and I, did not see the change in the speed limit. [Edit] My GPS gives an audible and visual warning before a change in the speed limit and also warns when you exceed the speed limit, as does my car.

Driving 55 when the traffic is traveling at 70 is dangerous and causes accidents. Slow drivers, especially those in the left and middle lanes are even more dangerous - especially during rush hour. I can’t tell you how many times a slow driver has decided to change lanes into a fast lane causing everyone to break hard, swerve and change lanes to avoid crashes and try to get around him/her.

I am glad I retired at the beginning of the year. The commute back and forth to work was getting quite dangerous. At least several times per day, I would have people not only cut me off, but literally turn into my lane while I was right next to them. Or some idiot in the left lane decide he needs to get off at the upcoming exit a couple hundred feet before the exit and suddenly veer across 3 lanes of traffic, causing everyone to jam on their brakes. Or get two slow drivers next to one another on a three lane highway and watch the ensuing nightmare unfold.

Those are the people who are the most dangerous and if you were going to deny the RKBA to anyone for traffic violations, that would be a good group - totally unaware of their surroundings. Thankfully, I believe my situational awareness has saved me innumerable times during my commutes.


As a professional driver since,… well 97 when I went into the automotive field,… but realistically since 2006 when I started delivering for a certain global company in a brown van.

My situational awareness has kept me out of dozens of accidents.

I even pointed one out before it happened to my kids who were riding with me with enough time for them to watch it happen!


And if you identify as a democrat/liberal/or your pronouned , you get spayed or neutered!
Seems fair! I can’t defend myself, they can’t reproduce anything that I would have to defend against!


Exceeding the speed limit is always irresponsible?


No guns for you

Probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote either


I retired a few years ago, but I drove this section of interstate quite often. Not anymore. I drove to keep with traffic then. I also was not a gun owner then. I avoid interstates these days.
Two or four lane highways I’ll drive the posted speed limit.
And you described the traffic on 80/94 to a tee. I’ve been behind the person driving 45 in the left lane. And the person that is in the far left lane that decides to take the next exit on the right regardless of other cars.


I’m a region rat originally whose FIL used to live in MI and wife used to live in Naperville

I am oh too familiar with that road

It is one of my best examples of where exceedingly the posted speed limit is probably the safest choice for all (esp the 55 sections as you go into IL)


This comes under the heading of punishing someone for something which others think they MIGHT do rather than for something they actually HAVE done.


I think, IMHO, we are skewing the lines of law. There are laws written to “protect” us against stupid people, Jaywalking for example, if someone steps out on front of your car while you are in the right of way you have ‘some’ protection. Then there are laws that attempt to limit what one would do, for example shop lifting, put the smokes in your pocket and walk out we’ll catch you (Actually not any more but it used to be like that). Then there are laws crafted to deter, Kill someone and it’s the gurney and needle for you. Speeding seems to me to fit into the first category, we tell you how fast with think it is to drive on this particular rode… Guns, fit firmly in the second category, you can this kind but not that kind etc. Then there is tolerance, we tolerate the idiot at 90 mph in a 65 zone a million times on a daily basis. We don’t tolerate a company selling automatic weapons in a store front. I guess what I’m trying to say is the intent of the law plays into this, that’s why they have “infraction”, “Citation”, Misdemeanor" - several levels, “Felonies” - several levels.