Should I Shoot - Officer in Trouble?

I don’t want to shock anyone, so I’ve been thinking about how to respond.
I’ve been thinking about this since Tuesday (Friday now). I hated answering it, but it may useful to someone else. There’s a lesson about knowing thyself, alla Socrates.

The truth is that only I know what I know and only I can interpret the story/situation the way I am.

As an instructor, I want to make sure no one interprets my response as what THEY should do. Only THEY know what THEY should do.
My job is to help people get better, not just at shooting, but honestly knowing themselves.

There are many correct answers to this situation.

So, My Correct Choice:
The attacker is engaged immediately.

My answer is based on my skill today, my alertness today, and my health today. Tomorrow I am teaching a class with a lot of range time outside. If this scenario happens after that class, I may not shoot or even draw because of general exhaustion. Next week I may have a cold and be on DayQuil, so I’d chose differently.

The officer’s life is in peril. As I read the scene, this officer may be dead in 10 seconds if I don’t act. The attacker is poised to murder the officer. Knowing my skill and ability in the moment, I will draw, shoot and kill the attacker and save the officer’s life.

Am I aware of my backstop? Where will I put the shots? Where are the other bystanders and how did they react to me? All good questions that change with the moment. I can’t answer all scenarios in one post, but if someone has a particular question I am happy to answer it.

***This may be the WRONG answer for you. You may have a different answer and it may be the CORRECT. I know this can easily become the wrong answer for me given a few scenario changes.

I pray I never come close to this kind of event.


I believe the Night of the Long Knifes with the burning of the books was second to gun confiscation …


I would adjust your phrasing just a bit. You’re not out to kill the attacker, you realize that your shots to stop the attacker may kill them, but your goal is to defend the officer, right?


That’s fair. It’s more of a mind set and spiritual fitness exercise. I’m not responding from a legal sense — more a proper action for fellow gun owners. (Again for me, in that moment, for this hypothetical).

But I get your point.