Should I Get My CCW Permit?

Hey guys,

A friend of mine wants to get his CPL. He went to a gun dealer and was told that because as a minor he got a misdemeanor he could not legally own hand guns but could own long guns. I’ve never heard of this before, any ideas? @MikeBKY

Thanks -Nate-

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What state?

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That is interesting @Nate3. Usually, if adjudicated in a juvenile court, juvenile cases do not follow a person into adulthood. I wonder if it was a domestic violence case or violent offense that was prosecuted as an adult. And like @Kevin29 asked, what state? There may be specific offenses that make someone ineligible for a CCW.


Yep… the juvenile part is important… and they usually are sealed… but … these days , who knows what the law is or the rule of law… it seems to change daily.

Michigan, he had one for destruction of property and one for fleeing police.

Looks like this topic may be somewhat revived. I live in a state that does have constitutional carry which is nice. I have continued with my CCW Permit for the following reasons:

  1. Out of State Travel and Reciprosity

  2. CCW Permits allow one to carry in a few more places w/o issue (liquor stores and Restaurants that serve alcohol)

The latter was changed recently to include constitutional carry, but I still have the advantage of being able to travel in may states without getting into trouble or dealing with police that may not understand the reciprosity laws (not meant to disparrage law enforcement.)

The only thing that matters is the conduct of the participants.

Permit or no permit is irrelevant.

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If your wife views just a few of the videos and some information USCCA makes available here she will discover there is a lot to learn behind making that decision and making that commitment. Also, some women can physically handle it more easily than others. It’s a very personal decision and I don’t blame anyone for opting out. It does add another adult responsibility to maintain.

So right. Agreed.

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