Shotgun Sling Assistance

I want to get a sling for my Winchester SXP. It doesn’t have any picatinny rail and there’s no other option for adding a clip that I can determine at least. Here’s a picture of what I have, any suggestions would be great.

Does your magazine cap have a protrusion with a hole through it? If so, that is where the front of the sling attaches.


It should & a nub in the stock where the other swivel goes

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Looking at the pic the sling studs are already there, mag cap and butt stock, I’m pretty sure they come factory that way. What you need is a sling with a pair of Uncle Mike’s sling swivels already mounted on the sling, then it’s just a matter of push, twist and screw the lock nut down.

IF your shotgun has none of the above you will STILL need the above sling as well as a couple of other parts like a mag cap with an installed sling stud and a sling stud for the back end. Depending on if you have a wood stock or a plastic stock will depend on which stud you need and what you can use.

Now if you are trying to add a single point or two point sling in a tacticool manner that is a whole new bucket O’ fish.



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Yes, I do have those two connection points on the sling, I didn’t notice the nub on the cap before. I didn’t know what that connection point was called (Uncle Mike’s), which helps me as well. Thanks folks!