Short break

I’m going to take a short break from this community for a time. Emotions are high. Frankly, I’ve seen some things that are very borderline, and I don’t want to be associated with it. Y’all don’t have to like anyone in government, but I took an oath when I was a kid, and I still consider myself bound to that. Please be careful who you associate yourself with, even on this fine community.

And on the other side, there seem to be a lot of new users, or at least newly active, who are sowing seeds of dissent and doubt. I don’t want to call them trolls, per se, but they seem to be trying to provoke a response. I don’t trust them. I feel as though in the absence of real news, they’re trying to create news… perhaps some story about something stupid someone said on a USCCA forum. Look, I found a crazy comment, all gun owners must be crazy.

I won’t be gone for long, this place has just gotten very uncomfortable over the past week. I’m going to take our own advice and move to the other side of the street for a bit, until things calm down.

I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day. Don’t forget the people who gave their all for us.


You’ll be missed!


Do you mean there are many easily offended snow flakes?


Why do you feel the need to announce your departure?


Sadly, I had to start blocking people. If we don’t see their posts, we don’t reply, and they get bored and go elsewhere.


Hopefully the people who read it understand the meaning of his decision.
I was thinking about the same many, many times from last 2 years, but I gave myself promise to stay here no matter what.
I personally have been offended at this Community and accused of being left wing of this Country several times… but I always tried to bite my tongue (happened less recently :smiling_imp:).

@Ouade5 has got his own reason to take a break and I respect that, because I know this feeling.
Be safe @Ouade5 and hopefully we will hear from you soon! :fist:


Are you calling him inarticulate?


Man… You are doing everything to put you into the same basket where I see the people who made @Ouade5 taking the break. :zipper_mouth_face:


Answer the question.


Answer is :NO


@Ouade5, your friends will be here when you return. Your right that some of the comments have been on the edge lately. We should all be able to get along here. Take me and @Jerzy for example. We don’t 100% agree all the time, but we don’t attack each other. It’s ok to respectfully disagree with one another. Maybe some people don’t know what it’s like to be punched in the mouth for lipping off to the wrong person.


Hope to see you back soon but respect your decision. It is probably prudent in this current environment and it is always good to take a break to get a different perspective and recharge the batteries.

Your balanced perspective will be missed.


Hopefully you will get feel better soon.


How about his left?

He amputated the left. It was useless.


Rodger that, A breaK and a deep breath. Hoooah!! :us:


In case anyone is wondering, the proper contraction of you are is YOU’RE.


Awesome lesson @Mike270 . May I ask what is the reason for it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Looks like @Ouade5’s short brake will create long thread… :laughing:

This is correct. I believe the post you are referencing, though, did not use a contraction; therefore, there was no “improper” contraction used. It did appear that improper grammar/spelling was used, though.

I see no contraction in that sentence. :sunglasses:

Really? A short brake? Did you mean BREAK?