Shooting outside of gun show

This happened about 12 miles from where we live. Unbelievable. There is no connection between the shooting and the show


I am so thankful, God was watching out for the mother and daughter. The mother seemed to have used the best weapon of all for self-defense, her brain and wits. Seek cover, protect your child. This further shows a taser is a good tool but not always the best choice. This is a very scary scenario, and in no way do I see guns as being bad only the criminal faction who used them to commit a crime. I pray for the mother and daughter to learn from this experience and to Heal from the trauma.


I used to dismiss hearing what sounded like fireworks and “pop pop!” as just someone having fun or celebrating.
But, not anymore.

Also, I maybe profiling but I pay particular attention to any group of adults, especially young adults, gathered around an SUV in a parking lot.

Great presence of mind on the mom’s part.


Never let your guard down, no matter where you are.