Shoot ... No Shoot

Look at this image of Jacob Lang taken at the January 6 riot. He’s the guy with the gas mask, shield and baseball bat.

Now, put yourself in the position of one of the cops barring the entrance.

Would you shoot him or not?

At least one commentor on this site has argued that Jacob is obviously coming in peace. He’s merely trying to return a police shield dropped by some cop and give the baseball bat he found to the cops. He’s obviously not a rioter, like an Antifa member, bent on harming anyone.

Or, should a cop view him as a violent individual bent on inflicting harm on the cops or others, and thus, deadly force is warranted? Or, should a cop not shoot because of the risk to the people behind Jacob?

For the record, I would have shot him.


You failed to understand that was a facetious comment, as I had to explain to you in a follow-up post.

Yes, you stated such on the other thread. So what is the purpose of this thread, then? You already made your point and have not provided anything further here, unless your point is you just want to shoot someone you believe is a “bad” person. I believe your posts here would not sound very good in a courtroom. I certainly would not go around stating so-and-so should have been shot. Not a very good optic.


None of the cops there shot him. Guess context matters.


Would you have shot her?

Kinda sick of this J6 stuff. It was a protest, a rowdy protest.
By their own standards it was f—kin PEACEFULL.
If you ask me, it was done all wrong!
These people wouldn’t know an insurrection if it burned down an entire city!
Just so we don’t lose sight of what PEACEFUL means!

Want to know what a real insurrection looks like, take a walk on a college campus, they know how to do it right! Death to America, you know the thing!
Don’t know what image describes it best, I do know that removing the U.S. flag and replacing it with a terrorist flag, that means war!

It’s gotten too far, it’s incomprehensible! !


Maybe others would like to weigh in on your theory that he was not a threat, but was simply trying to return a discarded shield (of course, he would never have taken it) and turn in a baseball bat.

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I’ll weigh in, since you asked. I try to be tolerant to all points of view, but your POV and methods of communicating it, that tests my tolerance. You have been beating the same dead horse since you got here. You are not a special unique snowflake :snowflake: in wanting to push the buttons of members of this forum community by trolling the community. There have been dozens over the years I’ve been a member, that try and troll. So, you aren’t particularly memorable at it.

We get it, you think all:

  1. 1/6/21 defendants are bad, bad Insurrectionists

  2. The mean orange man Donald Trump bad touched your feels,

  3. That you running for public office and losing, makes you and your political activism superior to everyone else’s political activities.

Here’s an idea, take your war of words with @Dave17 to PM’s. I will make it easy for you and shoot you a pm so you can rail away at me.


Im sure you would have, you’d have shot ashley babbit and kyle rittenhouse as well im sure :roll_eyes:


Those DC cops were in an extremely bad position. I would have had to have been in their shoes to determine if I felt my life was in danger & by who. The whole situation was a ■■■■ show.
Lots of different opinions on J6, for sure


I’m not a member of any of the different groups that were at 1/6/21. My groups are limited to 2nd Amendment advocacy, such as GOA, the FPC and such. Just with what I read in my daily reading of news sources. I knew there were going to be people at the Capitol. So I don’t buy the whole narrative that it was a surprise as Nancy Pelosi claimed.

My personal opinion is that it is a “tempest in a tea pot”. That has been perpetuated and covered by MSM until it has become part of the popular zeitgeist.

Until this Administration came to power I have never seen so many “journalists” use the exact same words, the exact same cadence, the exact same tonality, to report on the same event. I think . IMO it just shows that MSM got their marching orders from someone. It just proves that if enough people tell the exact same story, regardless of veracity, it becomes the “truth”. Someone I know likes to trot out the stories MSM tells as the truth, yet when questioned have never checked any other source and just automatically believe that MSM is telling the “truth”. MSM has done more damage to this Country than any other source, excepting the Biden administration.

If I never hear the words “a threat to our democracy” or “insurrection” again, that would be fine with me.


You’ve been paying attention!


If you’re talking about me, I do tend to gravitate to the punch bowl.


I am specifically addressing Mark 697 my Brother


Looks like suicide by police to me.


It’s really sad that when U.S. Citizens show up at the Nations Capitol to show strong disagreement with those elected to govern them they get hunted down, arrested and jailed without trial for trespassing and disagreeing with the people inside that are hiding behind armed and armored guys with guns.


It was not a theory of mine, it was a facetious comment.


I followed the questions that were being asked at the Supreme Court following the logic as it were of what constituted “interference”. One question being asked repeatedly by Justice Neil Gorsuch “is someone in the galley heckling Congress during a vote, or pulling an alarm to delay a vote” enough to rise to the level of obstruction?"

I think the Democrats may be on the border of a FAFO moment. Seeing all the shenanigans they have had in Congress, specifically Congressman Jamaal Bowman.

There is one thing I believe 100%, if you want to know what skullduggery the Democrats are up to, just listen out to whatever Democrats are claiming Republicans are doing. It’s fairly funny to say the least. Almotß


He-e-e-y, you’re not supposed to notice that…


Actually, they don’t care if you notice. The hypocrisy is pretty well out in the open these days.


You’re not supposed to notice THAT either. The Dems, as far as I can see, all think we’re as stupid as they are. There may be some good Dems but, if so, they’re keeping their heads down.