Shoot better by Frogman


Thank you; very informative.


Excellent fundamentals. Being a newbie shooter, I really liked where he started going in slow motion from holster draw, immediately to a perpendicular, then slow rise to full-extension for target acquisition (starting at about 15:30).


SOLID TRAINING! Firstly, as a former Naval Aviator more familiar with SEALs than most, I place a high value on your training. A group of SEALS in the Philippines, circa 1985, offered the C-2A(R) Pilots of VRC-50 one-on-one training in the jungle range on the 45 caliber, hopefully leading to a medal. One guy singled me out; although I shot rifles and shotguns, I had no handgun experience and wasn’t doing good enough. So he got all up on my techniques and by the time he was done, by carefully listening and applying, I was able to do all they taught us us and earned also the medal. I can still hear him whispering in my ear, “Slowly squeeze, the shot should be a surprise. Concentrate on what you want to hit!” Stuck with me all this time; of course
This may seem elementary to some but if you saw that little tiny target we had to hit with a certain score, way out there, you’d understand. It works! I still practice at 25 and 30 yards at hitting a perp’s head right next to a victim’s head! It becomes muscle memory; especially the ‘concentrating on what you want to hit’; you’ll find yourself being very target focused and always using your peripheral vision, as was driven into us from day one by Marine Corps DI’s in Navy Aviation Officer Candidate School through to this very day.
THANK YOU, Frogman, for the training! (Seen a good deal of your videos on Youtube, too.

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Damn. What’s your barrel length?

Ron43xMOS: Not sure if you were asking me or not, but my barrel info is: 16" Hammer forged barrel, Barrel Material: Ally Steel, button-broached, chrome plated bore, with pinned low-profile gas block; specifically: 14.7" Barrel w/ pinned and welded w/ A2 style flash suppressor. The weapon was built by FN for law enforcement. ( FN Announces New Carbines for Law Enforcement | FN® Firearms )
( FN 15® SRP G2 | FN® Firearms ) was originally ONLY for law enforcement; that was 2020.
Now: ( FN 15® SRP G2 | FN® Firearms )
( The FN 15 SRP G2 on the Range | Officer )

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