Shell Shock Technologies NAS3 Cases

Does anyone shot ammunition with NAS3 casing?

I see more and more stores selling it and I’m wondering if somebody already tried it.
There are “cons” and “pros”… as usual, but the best reviews always come from shooters.


I have not tried them but they sound to be safer and a bit better than brass, my only worries would be a separation in a semi automatic if there be any defects.


I am not a reloader so cannot give any input regarding reusing these up to 32 times, but I had no issues with the 200 rounds I bought. I actually liked it enough I asked my LGS when they might be getting it back in stock again and they said probably never since more mainstream ammo has become more plentiful.


I don’t think the separation is a problem. NAS3 casing has been tested by ammo manufacturers and it never failed even under 70,000 psi, which is twice more than SAAMI standard.


A minor consideration is the Shell Shock cases look similar to nickel plated brass that is common for self defense cases, which might confuse some that do press checks thinking they have SD chambered instead of range ammo. I say minor because range ammo can be used for self defense, you just have to be aware of increased penetration and shot placement to stop the threat.