She said WHAT?

I guess I need to take my Wife’s weapons away from her. Wish me luck.


Yea, that’s brilliant. My firearms mentor is a 40 something lady that is a gunsmith and instructor. SHE, in my experience is An Expert. I mean really, she can actually not only work the safety switch on multiple types of guns, she actually knows when and why she does it…


The above MSN link is worthless, telling us nothing about what happened and where. However, go to this YouTube spot and watch at about 1:30 for the actual statement.


If safeties are too complicated, how do they ever figure out a light switch. Talk about sexist! According to her no female could ever qualify to serve in the military. How did she ever get her microphone to work?


OK. Your version is better. :wink:

What the Rep is saying is she doesn’t train enough with her firearms to be proficient, and it seems she is also saying women in general don’t train enough to be proficient, but she has had firearms in her home for over 30 years…

With either version, it is yet another glaring example of a left winger trying to make policy on an issue she is not knowledgeable in.


Yes, that is quite astounding. I find it interesting how these people always project their inadequacies onto others. She states that she is too incompetent with a firearm to use it in self-defense, therefore, all other women are, too. Isn’t that stereo-typing women? I thought they did not believe in stereo-typing people.

On a similar vein, I was at the DMV recently and in a predominantly white area, I was one of three whites in the building, one of which was a police officer acting as a guard. The rest of them were Black and Hispanic. Yet these same people claim blacks don’t know how to get driver’s licenses and don’t have ID, so voter ID laws are racist. I wonder, then, what they could possibly have been doing at DMV if they did not have any ID? Getting ID? :sunglasses:


Some guy turned it on for her, hahaha.


:slight_smile: ts muscle memory…shes used to holding a long thin thing in her hands while she speaks into the head:):slight_smile:

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A panel talk on MSNBC:

  • Real women dont need guns!
  • What is a woman though?
  • Saying “real women” is such bigoted language!

Real women don’t have guns, but “trans-women” do. :rofl:


I agree that SHE shouldn’t have a gun. She’ll shoot her eye out.