Seven reasons for always carrying…

  1. You always know where it is.
  2. It can’t be stolen by burglars.
  3. You never have to regret NOT having it when needed.
  4. You will be extremely familiar with it.
  5. Its presence will give you that ‘complete’ feeling.
  6. No one else can misuse it.
  7. The extra weight makes for good exercise.

As a large guy the sergeants ALWAYS gave me the M60 to hump along with my stuff.
Also I need a gun safe.


I’d hate to have to buy the lock box for the car for that one. I’m thinking it won’t fit in the glove box.


Maybe they can make a compact version for you, like all the small-frame 9s that are the babies to their full-frame siblings. :rofl:


That’s why I had mine professionally mounted…



And here I am, still on the fence about a red dot on a ccw. I must be behind the times worse than I thought,
when others are thinking 4-WD belt fed. Your carry gun carries you!


My TP9 combat elite came with a red dot which was one of the reasons why I bought it. When I put the red dot on at least to me it looked like I would be shooting completely off the target and into the dirt. I took it off and put the iron sights back on. I can make a small hole a big hole. I’m good with point and shot and I practice doing it. Use what works for you.

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I’ve trained for a long time using what are now considered the “out dated” techniques of the weaver stance, and iron sights below my field of vision. When I try to change things up to meet modern expectations my scores plummet, and besides, Irons and the techniques of using them are universal to any gun I might use. lastly, converting to a red dot is easier than going from a red dot to suddenly having to figure out how to shoot a gun with irons. (in theory anyway) That proved to be true with my long gun.

I decided not to trade in all my muscle memory and years of practice for a new and better style that for me, actually works out to a detriment.

That is not to say I don’t learn and incorporate new things, My defensive long gun has a light, a good red dot, and even a magnifier. I see barriers differently now, and adjusted how I use them.

I can’t use the new crouching stance, but I understand why the advocate it, and the reasons are valid.

At the end of the day, and in keeping with this topic, I believe the most important things are that you have your gun with you, (and not somewhere you are not), and secondly, that you know how to use it and use it well.

If I can do that, (even if I’m missing the top 10% of performance I could potentially eek out). I figure I’m light years ahead of being without, and / or, not being reasonably proficient with it.

For others the red dot is a complete game changer, and that’s great.

I agree with those who advocate that your gun goes on with your pants and your belt, in other words, if your dressed, your armed, because in thinking about it, the one place I was the most often the furthest from my CCW was at home! Unless I carried there too. And the home is a very regular place for criminals to choose.