Sensitivity Training

as I said, ive read this 3 or 4 times. Then you come in with a snide remark of “I thought christians were tolerant”. Gary told you it depends and you said thats not what I was talking about. Then define what you are talking about!

Edit: then you want to jump back to the original topic like nothing was said. You made a swipe at Christianity and when stood up to you deny doing it and claim it was part of the original thread.

It was not a snide remark. You are really trying hard to write a narrative that does not exist. Aside from implying things that do not exist in my posts, what do you have of value to offer in this thread?

And you are trying very hard to avoid admitting you made a snide remark. You want to say “sorry” without any remorse attached.

If it wasn’t a snide remark, what was it then?

I am not trying hard to admit that, as I did not. I have nothing to be sorry about. If I said something that offended someone, I believe that person would have stated so. I do not see that in this thread. I stand by my statements. When I am wrong I have the fortitude to admit it. Ask anyone here that has been around awhile.

Again, what positive value are you bringing to this thread?

I’m saying it.

You are saying what?

You can’t even follow a conversation, pitiful. Goodbye

LOL So you admit you have nothing of value to post. A good start. Now back to the topic.

Sounds like micro aggression to me. But that is a topic for another day.
Edit sometimes the truth hurts get over it. I think resilience is a virtue. That is not to say compassion is not.


goes along with: if you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all

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