"Senior Assassin" Player Wins His Prize

No given reason to believe it was. In fact, we have reason to believe it was not a look alike of a real pistol…it’s reported that the girl knew it was a toy/gel balls and told her dad that on the phone

Even if it was, that would be all the more reason dad should not have confronted the teens.

We continue to get real world lessons on this forum of what avoidance and deescelation actually means. Usually by “don’t do that” examples, but, it’s wise to learn from the mistakes of others.

This is a classic “don’t do that” on the armed citizen’s part


A couple of points, of which none are aimed at @Shamrock.

This game or some variation of it has been around forever. I know it was played in 1990, seeing as paintball markers were used then.

Father is beyond wrong, if the account of events is even remotely true, there is no justification for his actions. The Father is exactly what gun control idiots thinks all gun owners are.

I’ve had someone shoot at my daughter, in real life with an actual gun (you can read about it by doing a search on this forum use term 12/19/18). It was the worst day of my life, and I’ve had some bad ones. But there is no way, no how, that the Fathers actions were justified. Trust me I get it. The rage you feel when someone attacks your child.

I just hate to be lumped into the same category as that father.

I’m going to stop now. No need to beat this particular dead horse to death.



I did not read every reply, so forgive me if someone asked but isn’t this “game” from a 1980s move?

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Of course she knew it was a toy, she’d already been shot with it!

Once dad showed up white knighting for his little girl, if it was a replica it may take some play in the upcoming court case.

I’m certainly not going to wait for someone, (especially someone who’s already assaulted my child) to shoot at me to determine if it’s a replica, or a real firearm!

That’s why you don’t seek out the vengeful confrontation. :wink:


And that’s why you stay aside next to your child, call 911 and be a witness to the situation which doesn’t need to be escalated.


My first cap gun. Hubley .45 acp breakdown action. 14 in. long. Valued from $80 to over $300, DOC. Unfortunately all I have left of it is a photo.



A good reason not to mess with people. You never know what you are messing with and what the results might be.


Never had one that fancy!

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My uncle used to work at Mattel when I was just a little kid. One day he came over with a trunkload of these.

The whole neighborhood visited my “armory”!


I do have to say, that if my kid called me up saying someone had shot him with a nerf gun, gel gun, or airsoft for that matter!

I’d have asked if he needed a Whaaaambulance? Next time be more aware of your surroundings.

Now if I get a call that he’s been mowed down in the street (actually shot, potentially dying) and the cops weren’t responding,….

I would likely respond to the scene armed,… yes.

as for escalation……

Well, nobody’s tried to kill one of my kids.

So I can’t honestly answer that.


I’m just seeing this story and thread. Lots of good discussion here.

@Will_B If my kid called me and said he’d been shot at by one of these things in a public venue, the instructions would be 1) get to a safe place, 2) call the cops, 3) leave if safe to do so, if not I’m on my way. Then my job would have been to escort my kid out of the area and not seek out the other kids.

There are lots of good reasons to not play this stupid assassin game. I am on school security emails where this game has been warned about with the concerns referenced above in both articles and members of this community.