Senate releases text of new gun legislation

Yet even as as clear as this is they will vote to approve it.


Liberals are patient, if they can’t outright disarm us now, they will wait. They will brainwash all the 5-10 and 18-20 year olds and they won’t have to disarm a single sheep. The country will already be in a submissive state. This is exactly how Hitler worked! Pit neighbor against neighbor not to mention family members against family members!
It’s us they fear. As soon as we are gone, boom, game over.
Can’t say we didn’t try!

To my grandkids, sorry, we did everything we could but not what we should have! This is our fault! The sad thing is, we know it and did nothing!

P.S. Shouldn’t Hunter be the first test case for Red Flag Laws? Sex, drugs and guns in trash cans. Think that qualifies? He’s more of a danger than anything I’ve lost at sea in a boating accident!