Semi auto vs revolver? Which is your preference?

Why have a preference? Each serves a practical function and depending on the situation needed, each can have their own benefits.

Personally, for me, my every day go to is either my P95PR in my Blackhawk Serpa Paddle holster with 2 extra mag 10,15. Or my G2C with IWB shape shift and 2 spare 12rd mags.

Going to the gym is my belly band and Taurus 85 snub nose and on occasion for long personal trips, snub nose with left hand holster small of the back in combo with my P95 or G2C.

Rarely do I carry the revolver alone outside of the gym before I had the G2C.


I used to poo poo the idea of having a “gun belt” as I wear what I thought were pretty sturdy leather belts anyway. I saw a sale on a popular brand of heavy duty steel core leather belts and decided to pick one up on a whim. Now to be honest, it wasn’t cheap, and it was uncomfortable for a few days because of the rigidity. I’m not a skinny man by any stretch of the imagination, and this belt is a beast. But from the day I received it till right now I have not worn another belt. The difference is astounding. I carry a G19 most of the time but from time to time I switch up with smaller firearms depending on what I’m wearing, etc. When I carry a smaller CC type firearm they almost disappear as the weight is distributed across the belt. There is no sagging, no pants falling down, no constant readjusting. I would HIGHLY suggest a gun belt. The hype is well warranted. Holsters are another topic altogether. I have owned everything from the traditional owb leather, to hybrid IWB’s, to minimalist, and everything else you can think of. I have found that for me Bravo Company’s OWB with pancake loops is the most comfortable holster I have ever used. It totally changed my mind about the conceal-ability of an OWB type holster. On the other hand, their IWB holster is terrible for me so I wasn’t too disappointed when a friend fell in love with it and “stole it” LOL. Alienwear cloak tuck is my perfect solution for IWB. I know people who HATE both of these holsters which boggles my mind. But like everything else, finding the right holster/carry position is like finding the perfect water temp for a shower. It’s 100% personal preference. You may find that you have an idea of how you might like to carry which doesn’t jive with the way you have to carry for conceal ability depending on your body type or the clothing that you’re wearing. It’s all trial and error. The great part is that many of the more popular brands have test-drive periods. So you can buy something and if it doesn’t work for you send it back.

Semi automatic. I would only own a revolver if it was pretty or maybe a teeny tiny one but only for the coolness factor.

I can’t wait till he gets voted out and hopefully you guys swing red next time. I am right next door and wanted my Illinois conceal carry but another 8 hour class at least and then the fees they want to charge! I hate getting routed through the East St. Louis without a gun or anything.

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Him voted out would be great. Also, a national type ccw reciprocity, so we are free to carry no matter what state we’re in. Remember, you can have it with you, you just need to follow the law for legally transporting a firearm in Illinois. The way it was explained to me buy an officer was, no ammo in the weapon, and it in a latch able case. That would include a latching console, or range bag that zips shut. If you ever had to have it, God forbid, than pop in the mag, or a speedloader for a wheel gun, and your ready to defend yourself. Just double check the law if traveling through.


Also, double check this with someone who can rightly interpret the law,
If I understand it correctly, a nonresident, that posses a ccw license from their state, may carry a concealed weapon IN THEIR VEHICLE. Only in the vehicle, while traveling through the state. This is straight from the Illinois Government page, and the Illinois ccw law

I have have been rather interested in this as well, since I spend a good percentage of my weekends in Illinois. I have looked into this several times but, have not gotten it confirmed by a lawyer or, anyone educated in Illinois law. That being said, every explanation that I have found says that an out of state CCW license holder is able to carry in Illinois under the laws of their home state but, only while in their own vehicle and, if they exit the vehicle the firearm must be left inside the vehicle either in a secured lock box/safe or, the vehicle must be locked. Just to reiterate, I am not a legal expert and, this is just the explanation that I have been able to find.

Semi auto pistol for sheer round volume and ease of conceal. Revolver for just old school shooting fun and challenges…try 2" bullseye shooting with a .38 snub nosed Rossi at 15 yards using only one hand.

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I have never owned a revolver, I’ve shot them and for me I prefer a semi auto pistol been that way since ‘92.

My father in law runs a .357 mag, and my mother in law runs a .38 special.

They’re good at it, and can definitely use them well. Yet although he likes my semi autos, he has trouble with his hands due to arthritis and two surgeries on each hand.

So I got to thinking I should buy a revolver and be able to be proficient with that if I ever find myself needing to use one in a stress environment.

Taurus Ultra-Lite, .38spl is a nice, compact, easy to shoot.

I prefere a pistol to a revolver, I have big hands and have trouble with small frame revolvers, had a S&W 637 airweight with a 2” barrel, couldn’t hit a thing with it, so i sold it, where I also have a beretta .25 auto that I can hit with all day long, useless caliber but fun.

This is my Warthog, .45 double stack compact 1911, I love to Cary this, not made anymore, It’s a beast.


You’re right, @45IPAC! Having to travel through Illinois if I go south at all, I’ve read up on my options.

@TWeinzerl you can carry through IL if you do not leave your vehicle carrying the firearm. If you need to exit your vehicle, say to pump gas, you will have to store the gun as if you were transporting it and not carrying it.


If it came down to one or the other, I’m using a semi auto. But a revolver is excellent in an ankle holster, and they have less issues than semi autos with jamming.

With some of the state laws it might not be a bad idea to skip scrutiny in limited round states to bring a revolver.


Hmm the great debate. I own both a revolver and semiauto. The auto does have double
or more capacity, but have you seen Jerry Miculek reload a revolver? Doesn’t matter to
me on carry as mine seem to run in the 2 lb range. I have a 4 inch .38 and my autos run
about 3 and 3/8 inch. Yes the .38 is fatter but not by much. my autos are double stacks.

I have about the same hold pattern on both so switching between is not an issue, I don’t have to think of hand, thumb placements if I grab one to go check on noises.(yeah I make my coffee with Red Bull so I can see noises… lol)

I have 6 auto’s and a Ruger Single Six .22. I only carry my Glock’s now. G17, G26, G45.

I prefer semi-Auto

  1. Magazine capacity 15+1
  2. Easier to reload

Semi-auto. 5" 1911 as my primary EDC. And I can’t agree enough on the importance of a good belt.

FYI: Leather is measured in ounces, sort of. The math is really easy. Ounces/64". So, my 14 ounce leather belt is 14/64" or 7/32".

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For those who love their revolvers - and those who want to love revolvers, there’s a new one that carries 7 rounds…

@KevinM and his team had input into the design - “it’s a middleweight fighting revolver”