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Amidst the chaos of the last few months, gun sales — particularly of handguns — have jumped up considerably. There are several reasons for this, including fears of social unrest and concerns about potential new firearms restrictions brought on by governmental reactions to the COVID-19 virus.

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If I misplace my CC License, can I use my old one until my new one arrives? I am valid until 2024. thanks Sam.

On Wed. I took a friend to a gun shop that I’ve bought several firearms from. They told me that they were ready to buy a handgun. So I took him to look to if they could find one they liked. And they also wanted to feel them to find out if they liked the feel. And they ended up buying one in .22 lr and put one on lay away. The one one lay away is a 9 mm. And they wanted them for target shooting mostly. But if need be for self defense.And these were the first guns they’ve owned. But they had been shooting before and shot a friends guns. And now they wanted some for themselves. And I happy to help them out.

I have tried to find a blog that might be the best to answer my question. I work part time at a liquor store. I carry while I am working. What are my rights as an employee if We are robbed. I know the owner has a right to protect his property, but what about me the person that is not the owner. Only an Employee. Thank You

There are some states who allow for the use of force to protect property, but not all states.

Just to be sure I answer your question as best I can, @Daniel112, are you asking about if you should protect the business’s property or are you asking about defending yourself at work?

Hello Dawn

I am in Texas and I would think protecting myself and my employers possessions could be one in the same. If someone pulls a gun to rob me that seems like immediate danger and action would be needed. thanks Dan