Self Defense in Mobile Home

All kinds of things to consider. Thin walls, narrow hallways and thin inner doors. So barricades come to mind and things to use for cover. In most rooms, the whole room is visible from open door. I’ve actually considered prone position behind cover with barricade in front of door in bedroom.


Yeah this is a problem alrighty now. I also live in a manufactured house. I have dogs which carry on when someone is outside. So no surprise for me. And currently have trip hazards throughout living room. Just wife I and pets so no issue with inside collateral issues.

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Well slightly off topic but think about it. I shoot a lot of long range precision rifles and as such I have a lot of AR-500 steel in various sizes mostly 3/8" x 16" x 12" and 3/8" x 16" x 24" all of them stop a 300WM with a 220gr match bullet at 25’. They also work really well for pistol targets. Leaned up against the far side of a bed in the “master” for a standard mobile home might be a good option. A little spendy but dual purpose and portable. The 16 x 24’s are a might heavy tho