Self-Defense in an Appartment

There are a lot of different discussions throughout the Community where defense in an apartment is mentioned. Here are some tips to help you best defend yourself if you live in an apartment:

What other things should you be aware of for defense in an apartment?


I would think that the “weird” .45/410 shotgun combo pistol would be ideal for an apartment self-defense weapon because the .410 shotgun pellets would not go through drywall, wood paneling or other thin building materials in the apartment, thus eliminating the danger of collateral damage/injury/death to your neighbors and/or their property.
Also, you might develop “buck fever” (uncontrollable shaking of the hands) in which case a shotgun blast may the better choice. Also, don’t discount having a regular long barreled shotgun as one of your apartment or MOBILE HOME defensive weapons.

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I would think that if you’re using a 12ga with either #1 or #4 buckshot would work. Lucky Gunner Ammo on YouTube has a few videos on shotguns for apartment defense. I think he says that so long as #1 is around 1200fps it won’t over penetrate into your immediate neighbors home.

I have a pump action 20 gauge shotgun that I keep loaded with #6 skeet loads for home defense as well as my 9mm handgun which I conceal carry. I would probably go for the shotgun in a home defense situation just for the fact that a 9mm is considered a “hot round.” I keep it loaded with JHP for self defense but I can’t risk it over penetrating my walls during a defensive situation.

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