Self-Defense and the Law: When is it Okay to Use Deadly Force Against Carjackers? Massad Ayoob

"A Google search in early November of 2023 for “people killed by carjackers” showed more than ten million hits. Obviously, that didn’t account for that many people murdered by carjackers, but rather that many stories about it happening. The point is that it happens and happens enough to worry about.

The intended victim cannot read a criminal’s mind and divine that person’s exact intent. Similarly, perhaps even the criminal cannot predict his own reaction to an uncooperative victim who attempts to flee.

One guiding standard in the judicious use of lethal force has always been commonly known as the Reasonable Man Doctrine. It asks the critical, determinative question, “What would a reasonable and prudent person have done, in the exact same situation as (the shooter) knowing what they knew at the time?”

Since (Most) of us are still out and about (occasionally) and not confined to the Memory Care unit in an Assisted Living Facility (yet) It behooves us all to really ramp up the (SA) ‘Situational Awareness’ in these Dangerous times.
Just from personnel observations lately people do a host of things (distractions) rather than Just focusing on their driving and Checking ‘6’. It’s common knowledge that people feel the need to do something every second and minute of the day with their phones welded to their hands (usually doing stupid shite that can get them killed or in a world of hurt). The Sheeple are the one’s wheeled into the emergency Rooms Battered and Bleeding asking ‘What Happened?’
From the Median Begging to the Walking Dead Homeless (not to mention all sorts of ‘Bangers, Grifters and Thieves’) there are many ways if you are not paying attention you can find yourselves in trouble.

BE CAREFUL FOLK’S! Look around. Keep one in the Pipe. Train-up. I say this ALL the time so that maybe just once a Newbie reads this and it strikes a cord and they use that to save their lives or the lives of a Family member.


When my wife and I go to the movies there is an area of the city we have to go through that has the highest rate of car jackings in the State. I’m always watchful when I’m out and about, especially when I’m driving, but this area I am especially watchful.