Self defense and brandishing

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I was to the right there were no other cars in the left lane it was completely open. He could gone around me at anytime , but he stayed on my bumper. I slowed from 55 to 45 the speed limit changed less than a 1/4 mile ahead anyway. He told cops I slowed to 5 mph. My camera includes gps and therefore speed. I offered to show cops. They just said I was wrong to drop to 5 mph which I did not. Again he had a wide open lane and could have gone around at anytime.

When he did pass me in the left lane without warning he jumped back into my lane less than 6 ft in front of me at 45 mph and hit his brakes as hard as he could. This did endanger myself and was an assault. I was forced to stop. After he show total disregard for my safety I felt the need to defend myself. I had no way to know what the nut case would do next. He could have jumped out of his car with any kind of a weapon, I felt the need to be ready so pull mine.

Exactly 100%


Not true all the time. The driver that should have hit the brakes could of had a medical emergency, unknown to him, knocking him out and unable to drive. I agree idiots abound be careful out there.

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Sad that your “evidence” was ignored, partly I guess because he called the police first.


Now that’s just wrong. The guy had evidence and the police should have looked at it. That’s what makes ppl so angry. Getting back to needing more training for our officers theme


I’m no lawyer, but I don’t think it’s the cops place to dismiss evidence.
I think during an investigation, that’s called exculpatory evidence!
Direct evidence, in fact.


I think we may be overlooking the fact that, it seems, there was no arrest and there were no charges…I wouldn’t personally (not a lawyer) worry too much about whether or not they saw the evidence that I thought would justify what I did when I’m not being arrested or charged for what I did.

I still highly recommend taking all of this information down and sharing none of it with anyone other than your lawyer.

As was stated above, it’s not really the police that charge, it’s prosecutors/district attorneys/etc, a person could have charges at a later time. Just sayin’


Yes but the LEO is the one that puts you in handcuffs, gets your car towed costing you 100s and a possible loss of a work day. You are right this is only a possibility but that doesn’t excuse the LEO from not looking at it. LEOs do have sway with the DA. No excuse for not taking 5 minutes out of his busy doughnut eating day to look. Which is his job. With that evidence the LEO could have charged him, the other guy, with a crime and put that a-hole through all the distress.


I miss him singing that on Monday Night Football

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Similar in nature, no brandishing but why did it have to escalate where cops became involved?
Choose your battles wisely.

There could be a lot of information about what happened missing from that little blurb, just sayin’


Definitely a lot of missing info. Though taking place in Sacramento there is a high probability that the suspect was not one of the few civilians able to legally carry a firearm there.


Welcome Dave143.

Interesting post for sure. Much food for thought, and thought provoking.

I’m sorry that happened to you. To say that other driver was an unintelligent jerk is putting it lightly, and I think he deserves serious repercussions and mandated education.

I’m on the road a lot. I’ve had road rage done unto me a few times, and wish we had a better system to both mitigate it, and catch and prosecute them.

I applaud you for having installed the camera. I regret I do need to get around to that.

I’m glad to hear so much positive feedback and tips from our 2A group here today.

Even though I have a special respect for the elderly, disabled, and Veterans; Personally, I’d be careful not to send a message to the elderly, disabled, or Veterans that they can circumvent or receive a decision in court in their favor because of that.

J-IMHO, if threatened by someone using their car as a weapon, my best defense is not my sidearm, but using my vehicle to create distance. By doing so, in literally seconds, I’d remove the threat, therefore, why would I even need to brandish? Personally, I can’t imagine how on earth am I gonna get that driver to see my firearm, when he/she really needs to keep his/her eyes on the road, or is in front of me? To brandish, I’d need to take my eyes off the road, and lose one of two hands, leaving only one hand for driving. I’d risk sweeping my barrel to other innocent drivers, passengers, and those in my car.

A few months ago, someone else posted a very similar story, and he even asked for donations for his legal fees, from his brandishing. So I’m just not sure it’s worth it or necessary,

Safe travels dear Sir.