Seizing guns from citizens in N.J.?

This was taken from the internet. Has anyone heard about this?
“Will new draconian legislation in New Jersey lead to police going door to door seizing guns from citizens? NRA President LT. Col. Oliver North says Americans should be very concerned.”


I has seen people post about it on Facebook and several officers local to me said they would quit their jobs before they ever did it. I live in a very rural area and very red state.

I think it’s a lot of scare tactics on the part of the NRA. I’m very pro gun and 2A, but even I get tired of the way the NRA presents their arguments or news sometimes. I think they can froth up their base that way, get more donations etc.

Then again, WTF NJ?? Why do so many liberals get elected in there, so many anti-gun politicians? I never bothered to really understand why I guess.

I grew up in NJ, moved to PA about 16 years ago, I still have family in NJ, and sometimes go to a range there with my brother, and it’s a PITA because I can’t carry.

Glad I’m out of NJ, but I do worry about PA becoming the same thing. The big cities will often ruin the rest of the state. Then I see things like another state or two, like Kentucky, Oklahoma etc. that have become constitutional carry and think…well maybe there’s hope for us all. But NJ…NY… Conn…CA… it’s like bookends of country are liberal anti-constitutional states.


I live in TN and I work in Federal LEO, from my own experience the southern states are more 2A friendly and CCW friendly. I too am from NJ and can only carry loaded due to my credentials. I asked my mom and others the same thing, what the heck are you all thinking voting these idiots into office??? My mom just says, “don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for these jackasses”. So yeah I am with you, NJ as well as the others you mentioned are bass ackwards.

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People today have been deceived, blinded, brainwashed, or just plain stupid. They think progressive is the way to go. They do not know, or just don’t see that progressivism equals liberalism which equals socialism. Same applesauces with a different label.

I heard a total moron say in an interview, “socialism in the United States is not the same as socialism in other countries”, (as she held her $1100.00 smart phone ) WAS SHE NUTS OR WHAT?

She’ll have plenty of time to rethink that statement when she waiting in line for 15 hours to get a stale piece of bread dipped in turnip water for her dinner.

She, like so many others in this country and around the world, don’t realize socialism is a bag you vote in, but have to shoot your way out of. No guns, no shooting, now you’re in it to stay.