Second Amendment Sanctuaries WIN in Court Battle




The article mentioned the Bloomberg group that is totally anti 2A and they are nationwide. Bloomberg bought the legislature in Virginia and you can see what has happened there. He has the money and the Napoleon complex to try to be in complete control, even if it’s how much soda he thinks you should have.

Another group is the Brady United bunch that keeps pushing for more controls and conveniently ignoring any incidents that occurred when the current controls were not enforced.

There are other billionaire trash that could care less about this country and the constitution, so tearing it apart is like a game to them and furthers some globalist ambitions.

The media, whether it’s social or main stream, is complicit in promoting these groups agendas.

With all this being said, winning a decision now and then is at least something. However, playing defense and letting them chip away at this Country and our Rights needs to change. Presenting a united front with all the pro 2A groups and individuals needs to start by making it known what these groups are really doing. They use the trash media to ignore the 1st amendment when anyone opposes them. This all needs to be pointed out repeatedly along with their deficiencies because being complacent doesn’t win anything.


Well said brother