Second Amendment Friendly/Supportive Brands and Stores

Welp… Black Rifle Company is back in the crosshairs.

I’ve previously said I don’t think they are anti-2a… I still hold to that view in that they aren’t ANTI-2a… but I can’t say they are PRO-2a either. Which is totally fair, and not every company I interact with needs to be pro/anti one thing or another. But I do think they need to figure something out because they certainly (in their ads/videos/etc) portray themselves as a supporter of the black rifle but their public statements do not back that up.

Johnny B lays it out way better than I can:

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2 strikes for BRC. Have to disagree with Johnny, 1 million people quit paying $7; more like $27, the impact will be felt. Ask Coke what happens when you piss off the masses. Buy from Blackout Coffee instead of BRC, SBucks, or Dunk’n, so you’re not funding the anti-American agenda.


Thanks for the update. I saw where BRCC was back in the news.

I have a question about Johnny B and his style.

Am I alone in my discomfort with the paid by the word or minute approach to presenting news or facts?
This style of presentation bores me to tears. Five minutes of info in seventeen minutes of rambling!


Haha! Certainly the style isn’t for everyone. I like it because his ramblings kinda resemble how i rattle ideas around in my head until i come to a conclusion. His route is usually a little more entertaining though.

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I agree here. Anti-gunners will never buy their coffee. In trying to attract fence-sitters they will alienate all the pro-2A audience which I would bet is likely the vast majority of their consumer base.




The local Gun Store/Outfitter that I have a training alliance with just started selling BRC. I still have my monthly subscription.

As I’ve said in a different thread post here, as a company it is very difficult to get ALL the customers, blue and red, if you make political statements. You either piss of one side or the other thus hurting revenue. When the name and logo of your company is a “Black Rifle” you’re already behind the curve with the blue folks.


Yet they continue to pander!

I like my Dunkin’ Doughnuts original blend!


Friendly in Va and NC from what I see