Second Amendment Friendly/Supportive Brands and Stores

Those are absolutely fair critiques. And a lot of folks agree with that.

But for me, I think there is a good bit of difference between “you could have supported better” and being actively anti-2A like most of the businesses on the list in the OP and mentioned throughout this thread. I am watching them a little more closely than I was before, so I may or may not change my mind in the future based on those actions. YMMV


That’s a big list. Not one of those business you are won’t somehow linked too in your personal life. You do know that a lot of those big companies own smaller companies that might involve you’re daily life?
I agree. I recently stopped any spending at most of the ones on list I used to do business. With. Primarily ATT @ Autozone.

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Why do you say that? Kenosha statement?

Make that 3 in the area.

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I articulated my reasons above.

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