Second Amendment Foundation Gun Rights Policy Conference

The 36th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC 2021) will be held virtually online **September 25th & 6th, 2021. This year’s theme is SAVING FREEDOM!

We will be on multiple platforms including YouTube and Facebook.

In 2020 we had over 6500 attendees for our virtual conference. This year we will talk about how COVID impacted 2A supports. We will look at the situation in Illinois with FOID licenses. And, of course, there will an in-depth discussion of the NYSRPA case that will be argued before the U.S. Supreme Court in December, 2021.

This year’s speakers include:

  • Over a dozen lawyers who have filed some of the most important Second Amendment cases in the last year, across the country.

  • John Lott, economist, author and researcher

  • Cam Edwards, host of Cam & Company and

  • Stephen Gutowski, staff writer for The Reload

  • AWR Hawkins, author and contributor at Breitbart News

  • Mark Walters, host of Armed American Radio

  • Alan Gottlieb, Founder Second Amendment Foundation

  • Massad Ayoob, renowned trainer and author

  • Dave Kopel, Second Amendment author and scholar

  • David T. Hardy, Esq., litigator, video producer, historian


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Thank you very much for the heads up on the conference. I’m interested to see what the guest speakers have to say. :slight_smile:

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