SEC Championship

@Randall318…uh…Sorry. but I have to drop this right here too lol. If my Tigers from my Death Valley here meet your Tigers from your Death Valley in the bowl game, won’t that be super cool.
By the way, our Tigers have a few record holders too.
And remember, John Heisman got famous here before they named the trophy after him.
That would be a great game. I’d enjoy watching it with you if you were here.

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@Bugleboy, firstly as un-SEC as this may sound…
Thank you for the early butt kicking you gave the Alabama Crimson Tide in the National Championship in January.

I would love for us to play for the title and see who is the real Tigers…
I still have a chip on my shoulder from the 2012 Chick-Fila bowl when you guys took the win at the last second of the game as a result of the field goal.

Have you considered Bama lost to every Tiger this year. Clemson, The ONE and only LSU, as well as Auburn in a clincher?!

Here are stats from SEC Championship so far

LSU leads by 31

I don’t know if he really tweeted this , BUT it’s on point :laughing::laughing:

I don’t think he did, but you boys are really putting it on GA. Grandpa was from Athens, GA and a real Dawg fan, but I’m wanting LSU in it.
We’re just starting against Virginia.
Don’t sell Virginia short. They have talent. They’ve come a long way. This won’t be a walk in the park.
BTW, one of my guitar straps is a GA strap.

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I expected it to be more of a game. Don’t get it wrong that I love a good barn burner (Yes, it sorta is because it was in there home state and they had advantage from crowd).

Well from one Tiger fan to another family of Tiger fans, good luck!
We will for sure match up once because I don’t think any others would knock one of out of college playoff.

It’s going to be a great game. Really none of the conferences have been strong this year, so virtually everyone is healthy, and the second and third strings have been able to get experience. The stars will shine in all the teams. Maybe we’ll see some great NFL drafts out of this.
Oh yeah…Go Tigers (ours of course)!


Okay mama. I promise we’ll quit talking football now.
But we’re way ahead at half time.


I heard it’s a bloodbath!

Ohio is losing to Wisconsin or was by two scores & they had a large goose egg on the scoreboard!


@Randall318 Play nice kids


Ohio is now winning


62-17 Clemson with a little over one minute left in game.
I think we’ve got this one.

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Thanks @zee!

Are you you Ohio fan @Robert8?

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@Randall318 What did you do change your picture now?
No not really an Ohio fan, mainly just Chicago Bears, Lovable losers
I hope things going for you and your wife now without any detail. Or otherwise just PM me

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Ohio fans should be happy now.

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62-17 Clemson Tigers final.
I bet you can hear that roar all the way down to Louisiana.


Nah, it would be a piss in the wind compared to the REAL Death Vally which is historically the toughest place in the nation to play football on a fall Louisiana Saturday night located in the heart of Lousiana and by the father of all waters its geology department once indicted at earth trimmer when LSU best Auburn in 1988

It’s so loud in Death Vally in BR, La that you seriously cant hear your own thoughts!

Kids need ear plugs and when you leave for three days you will be saying WHATT when people say anything.

Remember its the place where opponents dreams come to die and it never rains in death vally!

But congratulations!

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I grew up in GA. And both of my late parents went to UGA. and I’m a BIG UGA fan. And I was rooting for UGA to win. But sorry to say LSU was the better team. and the deserved to win. And there is always next year.


@Robert8, I did change it & thanks for asking sir.

We are counting are blessings this Sunday morning!