search engines

there are several out there. Some SEEM better then others.

Thing is if you use some your search is directed or perhaps misdirected by that engine.

There are claims that Google has a biased search engine and will NOT bring up certain results…

and that they track everything you do for profit…

but will direct you to the results Google prefers you see. Yet many still use this engine.

here is a piece on some of the other search engines out there…

that claim to be NON-biased and more private… have a look if you care to…

I am currently using duckduckgo but some others engine might meet your needs better?

lot of info follows… take you time and have a look… best wish’s…

should you choose to try one you may be surprised at the results you get???


I like DuckDuckGo, but sometimes when I can’t find what I’m looking for, I just have to use Google. It’s not that big of a deal to me if they occasionally see what I’m searching for. That search is one data point in billions.

Be aware that search engines are just one way you’re tracked online. Switching your search tool won’t keep you completely safe, especially from companies like Google.


I’ve been testing a lot od search engines… and I’m still using Google. :joy:
I definitely prefer reliable results over “safety and privacy”… which actually is something that doesn’t exist anymore.

People using “safe searching” the same time use Google email or Microsoft account and for sure smartphones. :smiling_imp:
It really doesn’t matter who watches your Internet activities… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

he has a point… but about all I use my phone for is text and calls so?

I use a suite of apps (VPN, AntiVirus, Browser) that seem to work pretty good. I thought.
Then one day I went looking for the dimensions for a 1 1/2" 316 Stainless Steel Weld-o-Let and what did I see, right next to the USCCA adds? Links for 316SS pipe fittings. So someone knows I visited a stainless steel fittings manufacture and someone knows I visit USCCA…

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I just saw a report that Duck Duck Go has started doing some of the same thing that google is doing. And that is not giving out real info on some searches.

Yeah I used DDG for a long time but I think they bowed to pressure and I just switched to Brave and so far I like it alot

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just found out can add brave to firefox if ya do a look around in firefox search engines

gonna give it a try