Screw fell out of optic battery compartment

I’ve shot over 5500 rounds through my SD firearm, all with an optic installed. Only one battery change, a couple of months ago.

Last week at the range, the screw on my optics’ battery compartment fell out, letting the battery come out.
Searched a long time, but no tiny screw to be found.

I found the correct screw on a website, and ordered several. The optic manufacturer is also sending out a free one but I wanted to get it up and running as soon as possible.

I had previously ordered one of these.

Now I store the extra screws underneath it in a folded up plastic bag.

Lesson learned! Just a reminder to everyone… Check your gear before you go out!


Who would have thunk:crazy_face:


Tiny screws are my nemesis. I keep a floor magnet around that helps find what my old eyes cannot see and my old body does not want to bend over to pick up.

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I have a small but powerful “fishing” magnet on some para cord for finding lost screws. Works pretty well.

I also use a dab of loctite on all the screws for anything I attach to my self defense firearms. Does a pretty good job of keeping them from working loose over time.


Someone gave me a Glock grip plug with a small fire starter attachment in it. You are much more likely to use the screws than I am to use the fire starter. But if I am ever stuck in the forest with my Glock I have an easy way to make a fire:)

The pistol grip of my self defense rifle has just enough room to fit spare batteries for my weapon light and optic as well as a couple of patches and a tiny tube of lube. It is nice being able to keep things you might need somewhere that you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for them.