Score Another One for the Good Guys

Armed citizen, several others take down alleged shooter of Missouri officer

Missourinet - 3 hours ago

An innocent bystander armed with a gun and several other witnesses helped to take down a shackled inmate last week for allegedly shooting a northwest Missouri police officer. Trenton police officer Jasmine Diab was transporting Jamey Aaron Griffin on Friday to St. Joseph when the two got into a scuffle. Griffin then reportedly grabbed Diab’s gun and shot her in the stomach.

Missouri Highway Patrol Sgt. Jake Angle tells Missourinet affiliate KTTN in Trenton that Griffin attempted to run away, but the armed witness and the other citizens noticed something wasn’t right. They restrained the suspect until officers arrived at a Winston gas station.

“I’m not going to confirm that the gun was pointed at the subject,” says Angle. “I can confirm that one of the citizens was armed, but what exactly he did with the weapon, I don’t know.”

Angle says citizens play a critical role in fighting crime.

“We depend on the public, as law enforcement, day in and day out. Not only in extreme situations like this one when they came to the aid of an officer who obviously needed some assistance, but every day when they call in, when they give us reports. As law enforcement, we can’t be everywhere,” he says.

Diab, 24, is in critical but stable condition and could be in the hospital for at least another week. Several fundraisers are being organized to help her, including a Go Fund Me page.

Griffin, 38, has been charged in connection to the shooting. He was treated at a hospital for an injury to his hand.


And yet the ANTI-GUN PEOPLE/GROUPS keep saying that no one needs a gun for protection. And yet here is ANOTHER story of a LAW ABIDING CITIZEN stopping a criminal and saving a life as well. And this time it was a LEO.


I’m so impressed with the positive spin on the article! It shows how great of a relationship law enforcement and the community they serve can have. And it also shows that law-abiding citizens can be incredibly helpful in everyone’s defense. :slight_smile:


Glad things worked out! Hope the officer fully recovers!


Welcome to Missouri :smiley: :+1: :+1: :muscle: fist bump! :fist_right::fist_left:

I appreciate that they didn’t give you the whole “don’t try this at home” thing you sometimes see. You know the one, where they say “sure this person saved someone, but we think it’s a stupid, foolish idea and advise everyone to NEVER do this ever again because it’s just too dangerous”. Instead they’re gracious in acknowledging the contribution on both the civilian and LEO sides.

They did a very graceful job of walking the line between encouraging wild vigilantism and correctly acknowledging the right action of responsible people. They also didn’t encourage any misinformation about the actions the carrier took - quite clear on what they were, and weren’t, confirming.


GoFundMe for the LEO

Edit: If you choose to donate, maybe put USCCA Member in the “Why I donated” box


That’s a GREAT idea

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Normally, a gofundme link wouldn’t be allowed on the Community (advertising-type links) - definitely willing to make the exception here. :slight_smile:


My apologies. I just didn’t think of it as advertisement, but I see the point. I was careful to make sure that I didn’t put ANY pressure on anyone to donate.

We’re still OK for things like items we like on Amazon or other sites, right?


Definitely! When you’re talking about resources/special sales/products the links are always welcome for reference, @Fish.

Gofundme in this instance is totally great!

I don’t think anyone here would put a self-serving gofundme page on here, but as we get bigger, there is the remote chance that we’ll have a troll or two try to post them to rip off people. Those trolls will be handled as quickly and kindly as possible. :slight_smile:


As great as it is hearing about good samaritans becoming involved in trying to save those caught up in perilous deadly encounters, situations just like this very rarely are shown anymore on local evening news reports. It’s sad. Especially in states where politicians are trying to further their political cause to get guns taken off the street. The media tabloids and news reports would rather sweep stories like it under the rug because in their eyes “all guns are dangerous” no matter who has one and that is the furthest thing from the truth. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Mine has never commited a crime and it never will because I was taught at very young age how to responsibly and ethically handle one the right way.


That’s why I repost every story like this on my FB page, sometimes they “disappear” other times they don’t… all depends on what words are used in the story. The Fascist Filters are not perfected yet!!


I’m sorry to read about the wounded officer, but at the same time it was refreshing to see some real journalism for a change. No opinions, just the facts, ma’am.