Scientists find 1754 ballistics of first shots fired in French and Indian War Story by Kerry Breen • 8h ago

An interesting story.

The site of the first skirmish of the seven-year-long French and Indian War has been verified after a four-week archaeological dig that involved multiple organizations found artifacts, including musket balls, from the 1754 battle.

The skirmish on May 28 lasted just 15 minutes, the National Park Service said in a news release, at Jumonville Glen, a part of the Fort Necessity National Battlefield in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Virginia provincial troops helmed by then 22-year-old Lieutenant Colonel George Washington marching under the British Flag were led to a French campsite by members of Seneca, Oneida and other Allied tribes.

The two sides engaged in gunfire and at the end of the skirmish, 13 Frenchmen were dead and 21 were captured. One British soldier was killed, and two or three were wounded, the NPS said. The French and Indian War pitted French soldiers and British colonists against each other - with each side aided by local tribes - and came to an end when the French relinquished much of their territory in North America.

Scientists find 1754 ballistics of first shots fired in French and Indian War (


This is why the 2nd Amendment is so important. You never know when the French will attack.


That is a chuckle but actually domestic enemies are more likely to need a hard backhand from todays muskets than a foreign national actor.


Yes, very true, especially in today’s world. I would go further, but then you all would likely never see hide nor hair of me again. :sunglasses: