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Looks like I’m in and I can keep the New Cadillac and order the new Jaguar I always wanted.

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@Jerzy >> THIS A GOOD ONE ( true ) = finally got a handgun I’ve been wanting for a long time partly because I found after market grips that I went ass over tea kettle for. When I went to order them it came up as a scam web site.
This is stuff that make Blacky not such a nice guy.

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Great post. in one of my CCW permit classes from a couple years back, our instructor shared a story of a student who got swindled online from a course claiming to offer her a permit. I saw a similar ad online, an ad which streams across the main page of a free website.

Like the old saying goes, if it looks too good to be true, then it is not.

Stick with legit, vet them, check it out and check w/ city, county and state resources if a permit is needed.