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Similar reaction to out of El Paso, TX. Said their CC gateway was down, but had Western Union, Crypto currency, Zelle or apple pay. Hard push on their chat window. Said would work with me to pay through another account- :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post: !
Immediately deleted cart and said I’d check back after they fixed their CC gateway.
Note to self: PSA never lets you down!


Thanks for the feedback. I found a IWI ar15 at the right price but I’m still looking for a bit.


Sounds very much like, CC gateway down, ACH xfer instead. Its owner, Christopher Eustice is under indictment and in jail with revoked bond for multiple felonies now. Thanks for sharing.

Crooks online!!!


Who’d a thought?

Seriously though thanks for your post.

Darn crooks!!! How dare they…

Beware of online sites selling equipment and guns. Some are fraudulent. I recently came across a site purporting to sell Sig guns. The site is down today and I didn’t copy the exact URL, but as I recall it was They were on the top of a goggle search and claimed to have stock. The wanted payment via Zelle which is a cash transfer. That was a flag for me because there is no recourse after a cash transfer if there is a problem with the product or delivery. Also, no phone number. When they sent a text , I looked up the area code and found they were in CA. Not sure what the selling laws are in CA, but he claimed to have a P320, 15 round gun. That would be illegal in CA because of mag restriction I believe. Sig Sauer has a list of fraudulent sites posted. This was one of them.


This website is on the scam list posted by Sig Sauer


Thanks for the info brother @Robert355 :+1::+1:

Yes have seen at least one of these pop up. I reported it

@Robert1116 >>> thanks Robert. Wellcome to the club.

Ive noticed SEVERAL “2A support” online clubs on social media offering “FREE” tshirts or discounted guns and range gear only to overcharge for the item even if they don’t have it in inventory but take your money upfront. Then the company mutates into multiple companies to continue to try and sell you “new” merch. I feel as though they take advantage of clients based off the model Uscca or NRA has and tries to get you to pay monthly to be a “member”. Sorry about all the quote marks but there’s so many of them and how they operate, Im not sure how else to explain it not being legit. It’s insane now with the ammo shortage and possible gun control tightening, they are taking advantage of customer fears.

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