Say what you need to say about - Stand your ground or walk away?

Hey fellows, I want you to watch this videos. The old man pushed down by a young man is facing 20 years of prison after he used deadly force. Give all your thoughts!


I would not shoot someone who pushed me down and was not advancing towards me. I might draw my gun, depending on the situation, but don’t see a legit reason to shoot in that video.

I am all for Stand Your Ground Laws, but if I can walk away, probably going that route.


He made a bad decision.
The problem has been discussed already. We can find a lot of thoughts there:


once down he was defenseless and at great risk of serious injury or WORSE! All from a younger stronger angry violent attacker.


I do remember this case. I thought & considered that the presentation of his weapon caused the aggressor to retreat. I thought that was the definition of a defensive firearms use. I thought him firing, at the point of retreat, made it unlawful. He could not claim self-defense.


The question is really was his use of force reasonable? The jury said no an he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Thanks for the opinions! I think the grand jury made a mistake. He is an old man, the attacker was younger and clearly stronger than him. He was pushed down and you can see perfectly how the attacker walk to him once he is on the ground, the attacker intent to retreat once he saw the firearm. I’ve see this video a lot of times and I’ll would bet that the old man would have received a beating. Let’s remember all the things that happen in our systems when are in danger. At least he reacted. The jury fail to me

The old man started the fight over a parking space. Read what the judge had to say to him before giving him 20 years. Had the old man minded his own business he would be free now and the young father if a 5 year old wouldn’t have been shot to death in front of his family. Having a cc permit doesn’t make you the local parking enforcer. He took a life, ruined a family, ruined his own life and put a stain on the good people who carry.


The shooter is not “an old man.” He’s 49. Yes, the victim was only 28.

However, the victim was backing away from Drejka when Drejka fired.

My big question is why did Drejka initiate the situation over a parking spot? It’s not like he needed the spot in a life-or-death emergency. :confused: A parking spot is not worth someone’s life.

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That was a critical reason why he was charged in the first place. The police also told media after his arrest that he has been known to verbally accost people when they appear to illegally park in a handicapped spot.


As I see this they were both at fault. 1) you don’t just come up and push someone to to the ground no matter who or how old they are. 2) The one that was pushed to the ground also did not need to shoot. Because as my CCW training is that you ONLY SHOOT TO STOP A THREAT. And there was as far as I could see in the video the person that was shot was retreating. So from my training you don’t shoot. And as I said I see fault by both parties. And the jury did find him guilty.

He had shoved the shooter because he had been harassing his wife. Most of us would come to our wife’s defense if some jerk were hassling her. Not to mention his kid was in the car too. The shooter was a wannabe who IMO got far less than he deserved. Should have gotten life.

I’m all for responsible cc. This guy wasn’t responsible.


@Michael7 - I agree completely.