Saw this video by Tim today about the Dream Board at USCCA HQ


Rules are 4 dream categories need to be listed.

  1. Stuff
  2. Contribution
  3. Experiences
  4. Personal improvement

Here’s my list, what’s on yours?

Dreams do come true.

  1. Stuff I always wanted a C5 Corvette convertible and was able to get one, now I have my eyes on a C7. I’ve upgraded our Suburban and it’s fun to see people’s faces when it gets moving and pulls away or can out handle them on turns. Now I’m working on my 96 Mustang GT convertible, but that C7 is my latest grail, unicorn, whatever you want to call it. Then there’s the RoadGlide CVO with a Mako fade paint finish that’s another breed of unicorn/horse.

  2. My wife and I volunteer at senior living communities, we’ve also been fortunate to be able to make Christmas dreams come true for single parents at Christmas to make sure the kids got the Santa list checked off, or families that fell on hard times we’d take them grocery shopping and pay their bills for a month.

  3. We like to travel and have family trips, now with grandkids it’s new wave of family moments and memories.

  4. I’ve thought about this last one, when I was a kid I wanted to learn guitar and play to a crowd, I did that and the other thing is about due, I think it’s learning how to pilot and fly.


Stuff: I would like a newer Goldwing but my 1997 SE is paid for and runs great and they last a long time. I know a guy who has over 1 million miles on his year 2000 Goldwing.

Contribution: Me and my wife are on the MN state task force for Ride For Kids which is a motorcycle ride that raises money for children with brain cancer. This year it has been hard for us to make the task force meetings because of dealing with the passing for my father and moving to help mom.

Experience: Ever few years we go on two week extended family vacations. Usually we all go to Aruba, but we have also gone to Disney for my nephew, a cruise of Hawaii.

Personal Improvement: I always keep learning and I have to being in IT (administrator for association management software).

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For those of you who have Facebook, here’s the video that @KenM is referring to:

I’m on my second Dream Board at USCCA because I accomplished so much of my first - including buying my house, adopting a dog, becoming a USCCA Certified Instructor, zip-lining in the jungle, getting advanced training, and donating blood regularly.

Here’s a picture of my dreamboard:

And here’s a picture of our dreamboard wall:


Stuff:A C5 or C6 Z06 Corvette
Contribution:Work with kids
Experience:Camp in Yellowstone Park
Personal Improvement:Become a licensed firearm instructor

Stuff:In the next few years, I am buying a Z06, it’s just a matter of time

Contribution:I actually work with kids a lot through church. I run sound for VBS, and the middle of June I will be volunteering as a Counselor at camp.

Experience:My wife and I are actually planning a camping trip to Yellowstone when our son graduates the 8th grade. He’s in 4th right now.

Personal Improvement:When I get the free time, I’m going to take the USCCA instructor course. I don’t know that I want to do ccw licensing, but, I would like to work with others on more firearms safety and advanced techniques. I do a lot now, I’d like to do it more as a side enterprise.

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Remember, the goals should be BIG! I never thought I’d be able to buy a house - and everything almost miraculously fell into place about a year after I did my dream board. Same with zip-lining.

A few things on my board needed a real commitment from me - so that’s why I put them on there (training, making the time to donate blood regularly).


Wow! Great ideas! We will have to do this at our home.

My wife’s response:
Stuff: I just got her satellite tv so that was a big one for her. Always wants more baby stuff and clothes.
Contribution: Donating to charities at Christmas time.
Experience: Travel to Canada (I am Canadian), travel to Mexico (her Dad is from Mexico), and travel to Washington DC.
Self Improvement: Start a daily exercise routine.

My response:
Stuff: I always wanted children and we were struggling with fertility. Chrissy became pregnant our first time trying after becoming Catholic. She is pregnant with our second now. I would like a Springfield M1 and an acreage big enough to shoot it on.
Contribution: I joined the Knights of Columbus. I would like to volunteer with them more. I would like to make a welcome package for people who are curious about the Catholic Church. I went to different churches for years before someone sat me down and worked with me.
Experience: Travel all 50 states. I am at 44 now.
Self Improvement: Get a accredited certification in firearms.

Thanks for the great ideas!