Santa Fe deputy's actions in chase, shooting raise policy questions

There was a long high speed chase / shootout from Santa Fe down to Cline’s Corners back in November ‘21. This story includes some of the dramatic dash cam footage that’s worth watching.

It seems there’s more than “policy” questions in the reporter’s mind here. Does he have some bias as well against this officer or LE in general?

There is a valid question, however, about shooting from a vehicle, particularly at about the 5:42 mark in the video where there are other vehicles behind the target when the officer is firing.


I would be interested to see the policy that addresses shooting out your own windshield with a rifle while driving at high speed down the interstate in pursuit of an armed robber.


I give them all two :+1: up.


I knew one or both of them had to die. No for shooting at LEO’s Unless?

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The story states the department does not have a policy on that (shooting through the windshield), but does allow shooting from the vehicle. The story also noted that other officers fired at the vehicle, and one also through his windshield.