Sandy Hook Revisited--The start of the Gun Grab! KNOW THE TRUTH!

A friend sent me this Documentary. YOU CAN’T UNSEE this!

‘They’ tried to bury this video and the main Investigator will NOT back down.
Please if you want to know how this country got sideways, and the Gun Grabbers were ACTIVATED
watch the entire vid. You will be angry. I’m truly sorry for that but THIS is why we NEED the USCCA TODAY!
The ultimate Power Grab



Where We Go 1 We Go All!


I’m lost for words, and they want to DISARM US, and the ones that ARE ARMED (POLICE :man_facepalming:) did NOTHING?


As Charlie Brown screamed to Lucy in ‘Peanuts’ TV show “THAT’S IT!”
(and she comically summersaulted backwards a few times)

Except in THIS case Brother there was NOTHING for the Police and first responders to do!
IT DID’T HAPPEN Brother! IT WAS A MOVIE! Actor’s playing grieving, parents! They did nothing because NO children or Teachers were Harmed/Killed! supposed dead Children sang at the next Super Bowl! THAT IS SICK!
The building was a DUMP! Mold growing all over it, through it, under it! It was NOT a working School.
It was a .gov Psy Op’s! It was done BY the .GOV for the ultimate goal of disarming US ALL!
If you disarm a nation you CONTROL the people. THIS IS HUGE MAN!
When we understand that A LOT of the Massacre’s/Mass shootings were PLANNED out for the sole reason of TOTAL DISARMAMENT WE THE PEOPLE are going to be PISSED!
This regime is trying to destroy the Gun manufacturing industry, Ammo makers , LGS’s etc for the soul purpose of CONTROL!

This is CRIMINAL< Our 2A rights were being assaulted that very day! A Script was developed and the .gov sponsored it!


One person wrote: Wolfgang Halbib is what a true American is all about!! I commend him on his courage and dedication to get to the truth!!

After Sandy Hook happened, I started questioning everything. The amount of “conspiracy info” on YT and social media was off the charts! When you start realizing that Sandy Hook wasn’t even open at the time of the event and the aerial shots done by CNN were NOT SH but a Catholic Elementary School a couple miles away, everything goes out the window!

Sandy Hook, CT is known for being a big satanic ritual location. There may have been kids killed as part of a ritual sacrifice, but they were NOT the ones stated over and over by the lying clown MSM. Just watching that creepy, psycho Coroner, Wayne Carver, (imagine a forensic coroner with the last name of Carver. No coincidence there, right?)

Having the kids sing a year later I think it was at the Super Bowl in NO was just a slap in the face to all Americans who bought this lie and donated their hard earned money to the funds set up BEFORE the event.

Something keeps nudging me about this event, a CAPSTONE Exercise as Wolfgang refers to it. Q posted numerous times, “What is the CAPSTONE?” I’m thinking all these gov. agencies psyops in collision with the Mockingbird Media may be the CAPSTONE.

These shootings aren’t working anymore. Everyone figured out that Ulvade was a FF as the police stood down. The cabal is desperate.

Can’t wait until all these satanic, pedo cabal POS are rounded up and executed!! The TRUTH will come out on SH, 911 and all these fabricated FF’s. It’s just a matter of time.

another person wrote: That school was closed . There also was no clean up and no blood , glass or damage from gun fire . There is a video taken before they tore the building down . They tore it down to hide evidence that it was a hoax

The TRUTH is right here!


Not holding my breath, we still don’t know who shot Kennedy, ( but we know who shot J.R. ) and we don’t know where Hoffa is buried ( even though being a Brooklyn boy, he’s under the Twin Towers AKA WTC ) we don’t know who’s coke that was in the White House, we don’t know who leaked from SCOTUS, we don’t know how Biden got into office.

Yet somehow we’re going to find out how the whole cabal planned to bring down a nation? I have a better chance of landing on Mars in my electric Camry!
How long have these people been doing this?. What they do is an art form or better known as tradecraft! To us it may look like a Jackson Pollock but it really is the Mona Lisa of conspiracies!


This is how they see it, a straight line to authoritarianism!



Hoffa’s buried in the End Zone (Giants Stadium)
(1) down, what’s next? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


On further of your last, I guess you are right… There isn’t a Global Elite/Cabal
"We are from the .gov and We are here to help you Right? "
(what was I thinkin?) Good luck on that Mar’s landing thing, the surface can be a bitch…

The World Economic Forum has declared that anybody who promotes a “different perception of reality” and questions the authority of “experts” should be considered “more dangerous” than a terrorist in 2024.

The World Economic Forum has published their Global Risk Report for 2024 ahead of the WEF Summit in Davos later this month and according to managing director Saadia Zahidi, so-called conspiracy theorists must be crushed so the global elite can remain “the owner of the truth.”

“Mis- and dis-information is the number one risk. We put together the views of fifteen hundred experts and that is what they are most worried about,” declared Zahidi, ranking so-called conspiracy theories as more dangerous than terrorists, economic collapse, and the potential outbreak of World War 3.

"different perception of reality”–I don’t want to be anywhere near their reality
“questions the authority of “experts” should be considered “more dangerous” than a terrorist”
Lord knows I shouldn’t think on my own, what was I thinking?
“conspiracy theorists must be crushed so the global elite can remain “the owner of the truth.”***”
Who am I to 'Q’uestion the owners of the Truth :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


DING! DING! DING! Ruh Roe Relroy, I think I made another List!
(damn I’m just rackin’ them up!)


Don’t get me wrong, we need the truth and it needs to be exposed as quickly as possible. Question is, who’s going to give it up and how will we know it’s the truth! I have instincts as well.
I remember as a kid as soon a you told a very small lie in turned into something that couldn’t be explained, and you just got deeper and deeper. We’re in a hole of lies there’s no way out! These people have perfected this. Masters of deception!


Hey Scott,
I GET IT! No worries, I also get where you are coming from.
But in order to ‘Break the Chains’ that have bound us the past bunch of years
‘I’ have to think out of the box. Just for me.
I can’t accept what they are trying to force down our throats anymore.
For me, If it sings, it rings and this vid sung.
It’s not for everybody, I accept that

It’s Honestly like what the Courageous Lion talks about…
“It’s NOT my job to wake up the sheep, It’s my job to wake up the other LION’S!”


Sandy Hook. Alex Jones. Defamation.


This documentary was no surprise to me at all. I figured out on the day it was being broadcast as “breaking news” that there were things going on that were MORE than just a little fishy. The “medical examiner” completely gave it up during his interviews, with the lack of true concern, joking around, the way he was carrying himself and no evidence that he had even been inside the school. After noticing this dim-wit, my attention was drawn to others in the crowd, including police agencies, that were just kinda walking around with no real purpose. I found out some time later about the fund-me page that was put up two days before the event, as well as the implausible, (should read impossible) account of how a skinny kid being that heavily armed was able to “kill” everyone he shot. No bodies removed until after dark and no parents of said children FREAKING OUT. This is what I know. This was a true false flag event.


He didn’t lose a child. IMHO


No, he didn’t But he did get a huge check from the .gov actor’s Guild !
(I’d be laughing too at pulling the wool over the American people If I was a slug skell-burger MF’er!)

When he meets his boss Satan, (Can you say Satan?) I hope he stayed @ a Holiday Inn Express once before he’s dragged into the Pits of Hell…


seem to recall the guy acting in something before I saw him with this but can’t remember what it was???

also seen many later pictures n such of some of the supposedly dead people involved???

and of some that seemed very upset after… and then saw em again at another such happening???


+…Maybe it was ’ the Walking Dead’ (that would be fitting)