Sam Adams' newest beer is illegal in 15 states

How are American beer similar to making love in a canoe???

They’re both f***ing close to water!


Fantastic! Florida is not on the list!!

Give it a minute, Gavin Newsom will say hold my beer and have AG X-man Becerra ban all Sam Adams

I have had this beer in previous years and it’s incredible if you can get it for a decent price. I bought 4, sold 3 at a profit and drank the 4th for free with some friends.

Still kills me that we still have old alcohol laws on the books. Sorry 3.2 beers only.

My wife bought me a bottle of this some 20 years ago when we lived in Green Bay. I am going to try to find another one, now that it’s back out.

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Then you have been drinking bad beer. There are numerous “craft” breweries in the USA, for at least the past 20 years or so, that produce good beer. It has gotten to where it has changed the European’s methods. USA craft beer started a revolution across the world of beer-making. The UK was always known for low abv, now they are producing beers similar in abv to American craft beer. Stone and several other “craft” breweries even have breweries in noted European beer cities and they are being sought and sold throughout Europe.

Ironically, I don’t drink beer at all.

The quoted line is a Monty Python joke from a live performance.

Sorry, do not know the reference.