Safety plan for EDC


By safety plan, I mean what happens if you are injured and need to be taken to the hospital for any reason. What happens to your EDC ?


I think I read something that said the cops would take at least your gun and hold on to it until you’re discharged from the hospital. From there, I guess it’d be a matter of whether they’re arresting you and using your gun for evidence or if they think you were righteous in your shooting (assuming you fired your gun to begin with) and will let you go about your normal life.
That’s my thoughts. Someone will probably come along with more info than I have.


I know Kevin has addressed this on social at one point. The police will secure your firearm. What happens after you’re release from the hospital depends on the situation.

Be sure to keep good records of your firearms for proof of ownership.

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Speaking proof of ownership, there is a program that you can download atleast on android… called gun vault pro, it will retain photos of your guns, information on purchase date amout on rounds put down range, cleaning schedule, attachments and zeroing… also able to be printed off on case of a firearm being stolen to add i a police report.


That sounds awesome, @Tankrachet86! Unfortunately, I don’t see it in the iTunes Store :frowning:

I’ll keep looking, though. I’d love that. (I’ve also recommended the apps functionality to our app team here at the USCCA).

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Get in there!! I’d love to have a different app that’s more user friendly… I like the app I have now, but it’s hard to update information on it


@Dawn don’t most guns come with a slip that already has the gun, and everything important recorded in the box/case? That’s been my experience in the two handguns that I’ve bought.


I use a small lockable safety vault to store the receipt/bill of sale for all my guns. It is fire proof, so that covers house fires. I make sure the paperwork has the serial number for the firearm on it to be stored.


@luke_ouellette, you should have all of the info about the gun when you purchase it. However, will you know where that info is after three moves in two years and a 10 years worth of file boxes? :thinking:

Life can present some unique filing and record keeping challenges :laughing: I love what @45IPAC does with the fireproof safe!


I like that idea of a fireproof safe too. So far I’ve saved my boxes/cases and kept those slips in them. But I should probably check to make sure they’re still there after a year to a year and a half. Haha


I have moved 12 times in 14 years… mostly with the military… alot of stuff has went missing…


I found one called Gun Vault -firearm inventory on the app store. We have a fire proof safe and put our paperwork in it after putting in fireproof envelopes. We copied the receipt because the ink on the receipt will fade over time.


A cheap way to store a massive amount of files are usb based drives… if you get a 5-8 gig device, yo can scan important documents and pictures into your computer and store the digital backups on the thumb drive… if you go to computer stores maybe even a best buy… you can find the bags that prevent static electricty build up, stack that with a water proof container… you have everything you need on the go withoit the weight of a fireproof safe… my wife and I use a 120 gig external hard drive, its less than a pound and takes up as much space as a protein bar… hint hint on a stash pocket in your packs;-)

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This is a really good question because I am very anti doctor / hospital and my husband knows what will happen if I ever wake up in one. I have heard of people who have had guns go missing while in police custody. What if your guns got scratched? Yikes! I think a gun safe is the best bet.


Call me paranoid but I do not trust apps other people write when it comes to personal information at any level. There is so much hidden tracking software code or security holes in so many programs, I’ll stick to something that is NOT connected to the internet when taking pictures of my weapons and then storing that media in a locked safe or safety deposit box (or both).

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